Nominate an educational institution to receive a free Maslow!

Are you involved with or do you know of an educational institutional who would love to have a Maslow CNC? For every 20 machines sold, we are donating 1 to an educational institution of your choice! This includes but is not limited to high schools, universities, boy scout troops, maker spaces, etc, both national and international.

Instructions (Please Read Carefully): Using the Nomination Form below, nominate an educational institution. As we receive nominations, we will check them for legitimacy, then add them to the Voter Form, which can be found at The Voter Form allows you to vote for your favorite institution. When we open sales of the machine once again, we will announce winners on a rolling basis. Each time we have sold another 20 machines, we will select the educational institution with the most votes as a winner and remove them from the Voter Form. If your educational institution has won, you will be notified via email.

Please Note: A duplicate nomination will not count as a vote! Please check the Voter Form to see if your institution has already been nominated before nominating.