You're in luck!

Normally, this page links you to our $1 waitlist, but right now sales of the Maslow CNC Machine Kit are open! Read the information below to be sure you know all the details, then if you're still interested follow the link at the bottom of the page to preorder your Maslow!

Some things to keep to keep in mind about the opening of sales and your preorder of the Maslow CNC:

  1. We plan to ship these kits by the end of this summer, ie August or September 2017.

  2. We will ship orders placed during this round of sales first to our Kickstarter wait list members, then to our website wait list members, then to everyone else.

  3. This link is unlisted. Please feel free to share it with friends and family, but please refrain from posting it in any public space. We don’t want to get overwhelmed.

  4. The link for purchase may only stay live for 2 weeks. 

  5. The prices are the same as during the Kickstarter campaign. The Maslow CNC Machine Kit does not include parts for the Z-Axis. If you’d like the Z-Axis Kit, please add it to your order before checking out.

Still interested in preordering a Maslow CNC Machine Kit? Click here to place your order now!