Maslow Assembly Guide

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 Putting Your Maslow Together

The goal of the Maslow project is to make CNC accessible to everyone. That means making a machine which is affordable, requires no special tools or skills to assemble, and which is easy to use. We've done our best to create a design which we think works towards achieving these goals, but we know that an even better machine is possible with your help. Your feedback about how to make these directions better is more than welcome.


Building the machine is done in five steps. The directions for each step are in the respective GitHub wikis which you can edit. We chose to do the instructions this way to ensure that the directions are always up to date, and as clear as possible.

Links to each step below.

Step 1: Electronics

Step 2: Programing The Arduino

Step 3: Installing Ground Control

Step 4: Building The Frame

Step 5: Cutting The Final Sled