Last chance to get a Maslow CNC (for a while)

After this batch of kits we're going to be taking a break to catch our breath which means kits won't be available for a little while. We want to give everyone plenty of warning so that everyone who wants a Maslow can get one in this batch.

Why do we need a break?

Those of you who have been following along with the project for a while have probably noticed that the length of time between each shipment of kits has been shrinking. In order to shorten the wait time, we've had to place orders for parts for the next batch of kits before the current batch even ships. This time around, we haven't placed those orders, meaning the length of time before the next batch of kits may be available will be much longer than previously. We wanted to give everyone fair warning about this. We still have plenty of kits in stock and don't anticipate them selling out before our next shipment in June.

Our decision not to plan for another batch right away was brought on by many factors. We've been working really hard ever since the Kickstarter and we feel it's time to catch our breath, reflect, determine what our next goals are, and figure out how we're going to achieve those goals. When we started the project, the only goal was to get the Maslow idea outside of Bar's garage. Now that we've been able to sell kits, Maslow has gone very far outside of Bar's garage and has improved immensely, much more than we could have ever anticipated. At this point, we're still doing most business things very similarly to the way we were when we were working out of Bar's garage, but that doesn't make sense anymore. It doesn't feel sustainable for us or for the project. We want to take some time to figure out what makes sense for the community, for us, and for Maslow.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, thank you even more for being the most amazingly supportive community out there, and most of all thank you for helping to turn our silly garage project into something that exists far outside of the garage.