Bosch POF 1200 AE Conversion Kit 2.0


Bosch POF 1200 AE Conversion Kit 2.0


PLEASE NOTE: Read below on how to contact the seller about purchasing one of these kits. Maslow CNC does not sell this kit, this product page is only a means of advertising the kit, which is sold by a separate individual in the Maslow community.

From @Dag83:
This is the new version of the kit to equip your Bosch POF 1200 (or 1400) with a z-axis.
The nut Mount is still 3d printed, but the top Mount is made on my Maslow.
It also includes a lead screw and nut, and all the screws necesarry to do the transformation.
If you use the ring kit, it is necesarry to cut off the handles, and a small metal piece, essentially making the router useless for anything else. (Detailed instructions will follow)

This kit is not directly orderable via the site, it is sold by a forum member (Dag83)
If you follow this link ( , you can pay him €22.8 via paypal. Leave your adress in the paypal comment (comma separated please) This includes €15 for the kit and €7.8 shipping for most of Europe. If you want a kit and you’re not from Europe, please contact @Dag83 in the forums.

You will want to select an 8mm shaft coupler at checkout for the Maslow to use this kit.

Thanks to @Ned for the original idea

A YouTube video showing off how the modification works can be found here

Please note that this item is just to  let you know that the kit is available. Putting it in your cart for checkout will charge you nothing and we won't actually send you anything.

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