November 22nd Update: Finished Shipment & a Project Video

Hello everyone! We're excited to say that we've pretty much wrapped up shipping batch two kits! There are a couple of stragglers which will be making their way out the door over the next week or so, but we've talked directly with everyone on that list. Unless you've spoken to us your kit is on the way! We know we're already starting to see them come together in the forums and we're so excited to welcome all of you to the community.


We moved our remaining inventory back to our warehouse at ADX and will complete fulfillment from there. This will also make it much easier to send you a missing part if one is needed.


We are so happy, excited, and relieved to have essentially finished shipping. It was a pretty stressful and arduous process and there were many months of build up. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with us along the way. With Maslow in more hands, it just makes us anticipate the next chance to get even more Maslows out into the world.


As those of you in the U.S. know, this week is Thanksgiving so we will be a little bit distracted with our family and friends in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, although we’ll still have access to internet and won’t be totally offline. Hannah has left Portland as her family is located on the East coast but upon her return we plan to count our remaining inventory. Once we’ve taken exact stock of what parts we have remaining from this shipment, we will place certain items for sale through our the Store on our website. Perhaps the most important or anticipated part we’ll be putting for sale (in a limited quantity) will be the motors. We should have at least 100 extra that we can sell and we plan to sell them individually. These will be available to anyone and like anything will be first come first serve, so if you’re interested in purchasing for replacement or in use to build your own machine, please keep up with our emails. We’ll be sending out more specific information on what items we’ll be putting up for sale, when we’ll do it, and how much these items will cost in a couple of weeks once we’ve had the chance to take stock.


In the excitement of the last few weeks Bar somehow managed to move and build all of his furniture using Maslow and open designs from the internet. He made a video about that process which you can watch below, or scroll down for more pictures.

Dish Rack CAD.JPG

Have a great week everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating, and a huge welcome to all the new people!

-Bar and Hannah