December 6th Update: Sales Open to the Waitlist, New Fulfillment Help, A Visit from ShopBot, & More!

Hey Everyone!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic last two weeks, I know we have. We ate way too much at Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve been enjoying my new Maslow made furniture, and we’ve been hard at work trying to make CNC technology available.

Sales Open to the Waitlist

The big news this week is that sales are open for the next batch of machines. A huge thank you to all of you who have been waiting patiently! If you are on the waiting list and have not received a secret link to buy a kit yet get in touch with us at and we’ll make sure you are taken care of.

New Fullfillment Help

The fulfillment service that was helping us to ship router bits and extra arduino shields went out of business with almost no notice last week and we have been scrambling to find a new one. We’re excited that we have got a new fulfillment service lined up and we’re hoping to have things sorted out by the end of the week. We know a bunch of you are excited about the ability to buy just the motors as they are one of the hardest parts to find. We’ve got them, they are sitting on a pallet, we want to make them available and we apologize for the delay. We’re hoping to have those available from our online store sometime next week. We will post a link in the update as soon as they are ready.

Visit from ShopBot

ShopBot has always been the gold standard of affordable large format CNC routers in my mind. ShopBot brought the cost of a big CNC router down from over $100,000 to under $20,000. The general fabrication shop which we rent space from has a ShopBot which is the backbone of their production. The founders of ShopBot, Ted and Sallye, were in Portland and they were nice enough to drop by our shop for the afternoon. It was a huge honor to meet them, and a pleasure to get to learn a little more about the history of affordable CNC routers from the people who wrote the book. I don’t think that there are any two people in the world who have done more to put CNC technology in the hands of more people than them.

Here’s me and ShopBot founder Ted standing in front of Maslow.


Software Changes

There have been a lot of software improvements to both the firmware and Ground Control over the last two weeks so don’t forget to update! As always the improvements we see every week are driven by the community both in the form of the community adding to the open source software directly through pull requests, and in the form of suggesting features. If you have an idea for a feature you want to see in Maslow, don’t hesitate to let us know! It’s your feedback that guides the project.

Changes to Ground Control in version 0.99

This week we added a bunch of new features to Ground Control, most of them excellent community suggestions. There is now a 5 second delay between when the button is pressed and when the chains are extended during the calibration process and there are separate buttons for the left and right chains. The default PID values in the settings have been updated to match changes in the firmware, the value of the current rotation radius is now used as the first guess in the triangular calibration process instead of the old default of 260mm which should make the calibration process converge more quickly than before, and there is now a slider on the right side which will let you adjust where the test cut happens.

Last week (which is included in this release) we switched to a two button system for choosing the kinematics type, we fixed an issue with the way the cursor is represented when single stepping through the code, we added a setting to enable the automatic spindle control, and we fixed rendering of gcode files without spaces.

A huge thank you to everyone who made a pull request or filed an issue which was solved this week. I keep waiting for the improvements to slow down, but every week things get better. A particular thank you to @blurfl this week who's continues to catch things which could easily slip through the cracks without his excellent attention to detail.

Merged #489 Make GC specify which axis to extend the chain for

Merged #488 Add a Maslow icon to repository

Merged #487 Fix rogue space crashing GC

Merged #485 New PID Values for Use with Additive Velocity Controller

Merged #484 Use current value of rotation radius if available

Merged #481 Add slider to move test cut up and down

Merged #480 Fix for 478

Merged #479 Add one button for extending each chain

Merged #477 Create objects for some calibration functionality

Merged #476 preserve X and Y positions - issue #475

Merged #474 Fix issue#473 add spaces between gcodes

Merged #472 Move automatic spindle control setting into advanced settings

Merged #458 Added zAxisAuto configuration option for spindle automation

Merged #471 Fix for 470


Changes to the firmware in 0.99

This week we had some great firmware changes, mostly from the unstoppable @krkeegan. Every week when I go to write the "what changed this week" section here I'm blown away by how much he gets done. This week he fixed coordinated 3D linear movements so the z-axis can move in sync with the other axis, he fixed a bug related to making the stop button more immediate, and he made a major change change to the way the PID controller works so the applied voltage is tracked and used as a baseline which makes the signal smoother. You will notice the effect of this because the motors operate more quietly now. I made a change this week too to the way the B02 command is sent...because @krkeegan pointed out the format could be better matched to the G code standard. I think I am far from alone in saying thank you to @krkeegan for another amazing week of contributions.

Merged #336 Make firmware read B02 L1 R0

Merged #335 Additive Velocity Control; PID Logging; Voltage Logging

Merged #334 Clicking Stop, Stops the Axis Where it is Not Where it Should Be

Merged #333 Really Fix 3D Linear Movements

Merged #332 Add support to the B02 function to extend only one or the other chain

Merged #331 Recompute half width and half height



This week community member @clintloggins cut this beautiful i-phone case. He’s not sure he’ll use it as a phone case, but it is a beautiful build none the less. You can read all about it here:


I also stumbled across this very cool cut out of a figure on instagram made by bontexxwoodcraft with Maslow. The project is old but it was new to me so I wanted to share it. It’s a little tough to see from the picture but the figure is almost as tall as a real person!


Have a great two weeks everyone, and we’ll see you in the forums!

-Bar and Hannah