Week Two Update

Hi Everyone!

Week two! Thank you so much for your continued support. We get more and more excited every day!

This week, we wanted to address one of our most frequently asked questions: “Will ______ router work with Maslow?”. Additionally, we’ve got some cool things cut out which were sent in by members of the community to show off. Finally, we’re excited to announce this week’s winners of the Support a School Contest! There are 9 new schools this week! Just imagine all the learning!

In order to help address the question “What types of routers can I use with Maslow?” we decided to make a fairly brief video in which we overview what we like about the Ridgid, other tools that we’ve tried, and what other common routers and their features will work with Maslow. Check out the video below.

We’ve had a lot of you send us files or websites from which you would like us to cut things. We hope to continue cutting some of your other suggestions in the coming weeks. This week, we chose an awesome sea monster that one of our backers Todd sent in from the game Pirates of the Spanish Main.

One of our beta testers Jessica is an emergency room nurse who worked in Haiti after the earthquake there. She is pushing forward the idea of using Maslow for disaster relief situations. She’s already designed a crutch which can be cut from ¾ plywood, a wheelchair which uses coke cans to reduce friction in the wheels, and a water carrying cart which can be built from a single sheet of plywood and put together without screws or glue. She has proposed a number of tweaks to the design of the machine to make it easier to assemble and use in a disaster relief environment. Even before we’re done with the campaign our beta testers are already contributing!

To us this feels like the core of the reason we are open source. We each have different life experiences to contribute and we’re proud to be part of a community with all of you, and we truly can’t wait to see all the amazing things you build.

This week, we’re super excited to announce nine winners of the Support a School Contest! We got almost one hundred new nominations in the past week, so the competition is getting fierce! Collectively, these nine schools garnered 1,863 votes in the past two week! And now on to the winners from this week:

  • San Carlos Charter Learning Center in San Carlos, California
  • Queen of Peace High School in Burbank, Illinois
  • FIRST Robotics Competition Team 401 in Christiansburg, Virginia
  • Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California
  • Code Red Robotics in Granville, Michigan
  • Halifax County High School in South Boston, Virginia
  • The Mississippi School for Science and Math in Columbus, Mississippi
  • Issaquah High School in Issaquah, Washington
  • Allen High School Engineering and Robotics in Allen, Texas

Thanks again for helping to spread the word about the contest, and even more for supporting Maslow! Be on the lookout for another update from us in the coming days.

Until then,

The Maslow Team

Bar, Hannah & Tom