January 18: Design Idea to Completed Object

This week, we wanted to give you all step-by-step instructions on how to cut something starting with a design idea and ending with a finished product.

We struggled a bit in trying to come up with a good project idea for this update. We wanted to build something useful, but we also couldn’t afford to make something incredibly time consuming. Initially, Bar had the hopes of building a chair (which is definitely still in the works, by the way) but fairly quickly came to realize that this would take a bit too much time to complete by Wednesday. Bar’s wonderful mother had been asking him to make her a book stand for a little while now, and after telling her he just didn’t have the time, it dawned on him that a book stand would be the perfect small project for this week’s update!

So now you have the backstory on: why the book stand? It is a simple enough object to design and cut in a short video, which perfectly fit the timeline necessary for our update.

Below is the YouTube video we made to explain the process from design idea to finished object. Please note that in the video description, you can find both a link to download Sketchup as well as a link to download the plugin that allows you to save your design as an .svg file.

And here is a good YouTube video to give a brief Sketchup tutorial. This video shows how to design a basic table, but the following videos on YouTube go into more detail about what kind of steps you might need to take in order to complete a table (or some other furniture object). Please note, in the video it suggests switching to the metric system, which goes against what we suggest in our video.

Thanks so much for checking out our update this week! We hope to continue to build something new every week, so be on the lookout for our next update a week from today!

Have a great rest of your week,

Hannah, Bar & Tom

The Maslow Team