March 8th: A finished bed & a tiny manhole cover

Hey Everybody!

Welcome to another Wednesday! We have officially reached Beta Tester shipment week and we are so excited! Before I jump into the update this week, I want to explain a small change we’ve decided to make in how we deliver the update each week.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve received some feedback that our updates have come across a bit “intimidating” for our less CNC-savvy backers. Because of this feedback, we’ve decided to shift to a 2 update system in which we post one update for everyone to read and then a second update that is mainly intended for our Beta Testers. At the end of the “update for everyone” we will link to the “Beta Tester update” so that it will be easy to read everything if you want, but you will no longer have to wade through the tech detail heavy Beta Tester-oriented information if you aren’t as interested. We still want to maintain our transparency and be sure that everyone can read anything and everything they want to, but as things get more technical and specific with the shipment of the Beta Tester kits, we don’t want anyone to feel overwhelmed by all the info that could potentially come your way. Making CNC more accessible means both creating an unintimidating user experience and at the same time sharing our source code for those who are interested.

Let us know if you don’t like our decision to change our update style! We decided to make this change based on feedback we’ve received thus far, but as always, no change we make is permanent and we strive to do whatever makes the most sense for everyone involved :)

So now on to the “everyone” update! This week, we wanted to share some final images of the bed our shop space neighbor Nathan was working on that we cut some jigs for a few weeks ago. It turned out absolutely beautifully and we know he is interested in making more! If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and in the market for a beautiful bed, we highly recommend reaching out to Nathan here.

We also built something ourselves this week, and while this project may not be the most exciting or beautiful project, I think it shows off the utility of having a CNC machine in everyday life.

The building we are working in is still very far from being finished. This week the contractors were working on finishing the bathrooms. One bathroom had an old drain pipe in the middle of the floor that needed to be plugged. The contractors went to the hardware store to get a cover for the pipe and found out they didn’t have the right size so they came to us and asked if we could cut a cap. Measuring the pipe, drawing the part, and cutting it out took less than 10 minutes. The first one I cut was just slightly too big so I shrunk the design by .5mm and cut it again and it press fits into place.

Cutting perfect circles with a jig isn’t too difficult, but it still takes significant time to setup and care to do right. Having a machine that can make any shape makes some things that would have been nearly impossible possible, but also a lot of things easier.

Finally, I put together a page for our website which shows all of the parts you will receive in your Maslow CNC Kit. Head to to see all of the parts, some with brief explanations of what the parts are for/how they will be assembled to build the machine. I know at this point this page is mainly intended to be useful for our Beta Testers, but we didn’t think it would hurt to share the page with everyone just to keep excitement levels up :)

That’s it for this week! Follow the link below to read the “Beta Tester Update” if you’d like, otherwise we’ll be back next Wednesday!

The Maslow Team

Hannah & Bar