March 8th Technical Update

Hi there Beta Testers!

We’re trying something new this week. We’re splitting the update into two updates. One just for you guys with all the gory technical details, and one for everyone where we talk about the exciting things we’re building. We try to always be as open as possible so this update will be visible to everyone, but only you our beta testers will get it in your inbox.

We’ve been getting some feedback that all the technical details are scaring members of our community who aren’t interested in how the machine works, but just want to build things. We want to respect that, because at the end of the day building things is what this is all about. We think making CNC more accessible means both creating a smooth unintimidating user experience, and at the same time sharing our source code.

We know that even many of you are not interested in ALL of the technical details we provide. Please feel free to read selectively and ignore the parts you want to. This should be fun!

Ultimately the goal is to make a machine which doesn’t require any technical skills to operate, usable by anyone, anywhere, to build amazing things.

On to the gory details.

The subject of this weeks update is how we’re going to work together, how we’re going to solve issues as they come up, and how we’re going to start to build knowledge for the community. The video below goes into more detail about these things.

We pushed really hard to get you hardware as quickly as possible. That means that there are still a lot of ways we can improve the frame of the machine, improve the software, and put together better documentation about how to assemble the machine and how to use the machine. Maslow is a new concept in the world of CNC and that means that many of the problems we have to solve have never been solved before. We know that we will come up with better solutions more quickly by working together than we ever could without you.

Have a great week beta testers! We’ll be back next week with assembly instructions.

-Bar and Hannah