Backer Surveys Going Out, Updates on Logistics, and Cutting Aluminum: The June 7 Update

Hey everybody!

Happy Wednesday! This week we’ve got lots of logistics for you plus Bar had some fun cutting aluminum this week and he’s going to show off the results.

First and most importantly, the Backer Survey was sent today! Please be on the lookout for that and respond to it as promptly as possible. Just this morning I got word from our PCBA supplier that the Arduino shields will arrive no later than June 16th, and we hope to have the boxes all ready to go by then so that all we have to do is add an Arduino shield and send them on their ways! Please be careful to give accurate shipping information as well as be specific in regard to whether or not you purchased an additional Z-Axis Kit through our website. Providing us with that order number will make the whole process go much more smoothly on our end, meaning you get your kit as quickly as possible!

In other news, we officially closed sales on Monday morning when we hit our stock limit. We were open for exactly 3 weeks and we’re so happy with the results of sales as well as how much interest Maslow has received. We’re still working on what’s next in terms of the next round of sales, but since the closure of sales the $1 waitlist members have continued to add up, so we’ve definitely got our minds on the future. We’ve started to place orders for parts with the longest lead times already so that we can hit our goal of shipment to this round of sales by the end of the summer.

Speaking of moving forward, the fact that we’re about to ship to the rest of our Kickstarter backers means the “official” end of the campaign is nearing! It’s hard to believe just 8 months ago we were living up in Port Townsend and working out of a borrowed garage with no idea of where this Maslow idea would take us. It’s been such a fun ride! And we’ve loved keeping in touch with our community, particularly via the updates. With Kickstarter fulfillment coming close and the Maslow community continuing to grow, we’ve decided that at the end of June we are going to move the update from Kickstarter to a blog on our website and a weekly email newsletter.

We plan to keep doing a weekly update in the form of an email newsletter using MailChimp. If you’re interested in staying in touch with us in this way, please click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Starting next week we’ll be posting to both Kickstarter, and also through MailChimp. Once July rolls around, we’ll only be communicating via MailChimp. If you aren’t necessarily interested in receiving weekly emails but still want to catch up with us once in awhile, we plan to archive all of our weekly updates in a blog-style format on our website.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Again, don’t forget to complete your Backer Survey, and check out Bar’s update below.

Bar’s Mini Update:

The project of the week was done by forum member rexkelin who is rebuilding a 1970 Chevy C10 truck.

He is using his beta machine to help with some tricky dash and engine bay sheet aluminum work.

Here you can see that he did not just one, but two revisions of the engine bay. Because the design was digital he was able to do a second iteration built on the design of the first. You can read the whole forum thread here.

I was initially skeptical that Maslow would be able to cut aluminum. It’s been on my “to test” list for quite a while, and when one of our backers mailed me some aluminum sheets to test I had no excuses. Encouraged by rexklein’s beautiful work in the forums I decided to give it a go.

I chose a 1/4in single flute carbide end mill, with a feed rate of 35 inches per minute and a step down of .01 inches. I haven’t played around with other combinations, but this one worked much better than I expected.

I chose to cut a mini wing cross-section (it was just a test) from a sheet of 1.5mm aluminum of unknown alloy. The black color you see in the pictures is a protective coating on each side of the sheet.

You can see the raw footage of the cut in progress by clicking here

I was hoping to edit it into a nicer video, but the footage is pretty unusable because of the camera focus.

Maslow may never machine blocks of aluminum the way you would in a machine shop, but for sheet aluminum projects it could be a useful tool. Yet another example of our community making the project better!

Have a wonderful week everyone, and don’t forget to fill out your backer survey! We need those addresses.

Until next Wednesday,

Hannah and Bar