March 22: All the Fun Stuff since Beta Kits have Shipped!

Hi everyone!

As expected, it’s been a whirlwind of a week since our last update! With all but a couple of our domestic Beta Kits delivered and all of our international kits en route, we’ve been busy already with a lot of feedback and awesome photos and videos from our Beta Testers! The assembly process has been in constant flux since more people have gotten their hands on the machine, and the best procedure is still being solidified, but in this update we wanted to talk about some of the major changes that have already been made based on YOUR feedback. This is what beta testing is all about, and it’s been awesome to see what others are already doing with their machines. Additionally, we've got a reminder for those Beta Testers who still haven't responded to their backer surveys, and some information on our fun Open House event coming up at the end of April!

But before we dive into the update, and perhaps most importantly, we want to thank all of our Beta Testers for their patience and understanding over the past few weeks, and particularly since you all have received your kits. Thank you for bearing with us as we’ve worked hard to get the assembly instructions posted (and then modified and posted again). Please know that your excitement is definitely keeping us going and we wouldn’t be able to do it without all of your contributions!

Almost every step of the assembly process has changed as we've taken ideas from the community about how to make assembling the machine easier, simpler, and more clear. At this point we're following your instructions at least as much as you are following ours. By the time most kits ship we have no doubt that we will have an assembly procedure which is far better than one we could have written alone. The software has also come a long way thanks to your feedback, so if you haven't updated recently grab the newest version of the software and firmware! For those of you just starting to put your kits together, if you get stuck, have trouble with anything or see away the assembly process could be made clearer, let us know in the forums!

For those of you that haven’t checked it out, our forums have gotten quite lively since the Beta kits have shipped. If you want to see some good content, we’d recommend heading that way, but we’re going to attempt to conglomerate the content as it’s created in a more cohesive manner as long as we can keep up!

We wanted to clarify a little how we are using the forums and how we're using GitHub. The forums can be a little bit of a chat room and as more and more people receive the machines, the forums are only going to get more busy. They are a great place for conversation and to bounce ideas off of other Maslow users. For focused conversations about a specific issues, proposed changes to the design, or information we don't want to loose we us GitHub. Anyone can contribute content to the Wiki or create an issue on GitHub, but the style is more formal and should be more manageable to navigate than the many running conversations in the forums. If you want to head to one location with more official Maslow content, head to the Wiki. Additionally, we’re going to try to keep up with this new page of our website where you can see the progress we are making with the machine as we make it! Hopefully in a month or two this page will be fun documentation of all that has been accomplished since the shipment of Beta Kits. We will attempt to post photos and videos that have been shared in the forums on this page so you won’t have to wade through forum conversations if you don’t want to.

We wanted to go ahead and share some of the content that we've added to the new page right here in the update. Check out the couple of photos and videos below that have been some of the highlights in the last week!

One Beta Tester (forum name aalbinger) created this new sled template which he hand routed instead of using the machine to cut the first sled an idea which has been built upon to be the official method.

One Beta Tester (forum name aalbinger) created this new sled template which he hand routed instead of using the machine to cut the first sled an idea which has been built upon to be the official method.

The video below is the first official YouTube video of someone other than us using the Maslow! This video was posted by our Beta Tester with the forum name rancher.

This second video is the first official YouTube video of Beta Tester and forum member aalbinger calibrating his motors.

This is a beautiful design created by one of our Beta Testers (forum name jknox) of a modified frame design for the machine.

This is a beautiful design created by one of our Beta Testers (forum name jknox) of a modified frame design for the machine.

ATTENTION BETA TESTERS: If you are a Beta Tester and haven’t received your kit yet, it’s probably because you haven’t completed your backer survey! We have about 10 beta testers who still haven’t filled out their backer surveys. If you want your beta machine, please respond to the backer survey ASAP so we have your address and can get the Maslow into your hands!

On the events front, we’ve got a big one we want to make you all aware of! All day and into the night on April 28th, we will be hosting an Open House in conjunction with Design Week Portland and ADX. Design Week Portland is the week of April 21-28 this year, and our shared shop space ADX Pro has been officially allotted April 28th as our day of fun! We invite you to head to ADX on April 28th. There will be free campus-wide tours of our shared space at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm. Additionally, we plan to be making test cuts all day and will be in our space available to show off the Maslow and field as many questions as we can handle. If you can’t make it during the day, the closing party of Design Week Portland will be held at the ADX Pro Space and we invite you to get your party on with us! The party starts at 6 pm and is $15 for a regular ticket or $100 for VIP. Follow this link to find our Facebook event which has more info and links on where to purchase tickets. We’ll remind you as the event gets closer, and we hope to see many of you there!

Thanks for staying in touch with us this week! We are so excited that Maslow has been sent off into the world and even more excited to continue to better the machine for future users!

Until next Wednesday,

The Maslow Team

Hannah & Bar