May 3: Open House & Party Recap, a Helpful Video, 2 Machines, and Important Dates!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to another Wednesday! We hope you all have been well since last week. We’ve had fun since our last update - the Open House and Party were great successes and an awesome time! In this update, we’ll cover last Friday’s events in some more detail, show off a helpful video made by one of our beta testers, as well as show off some photos of the changes we made to our shop space for Friday’s events. Additionally, there’s a quick reminder about the Bay Area Maker Faire, which is coming up in just a few short weeks, as well as the official announcement that we will be opening sales to our waitlist on May 15th!

First, the Open House and Party! Bar and I both had a great time on Friday meeting some of our backers as well as some waitlist members. It was awesome to have the opportunity to chat with some of our supporters and community members face to face! One beta tester came down from Seattle and spent the majority of the day with us, while another waitlist members came all the way from Las Vegas to meet up with his daughter here in Portland, check out the Maslow, and enjoy the evening festivities. Thanks to the ADX Campus-wide tours, we also had the chance to meet some people who had never heard of Maslow before but have now placed themselves on our waitlist! Being a part of Design Week and the ADX Open House was a great chance for us to take a day to really appreciate how far we’ve come since October and all of the people who have been by our side along the way. We are so grateful to be a part of the ADX community and we want to give a huge shout out to everyone who made Design Week and ADX’s event day such huge successes. We are two very lucky people!

Check out this link to see some photos that were snapped by ADX staff member Kristen Manning during the party on Friday night. She really managed to capture the fun of the party and of course got at least one shot of Bar and I being our true goofy selves.

Now onto some more technical stuff. As I’m sure some of you remember, I’ve been working on and off to make a tutorial explaining how to use Fusion 360 to get gcode from a downloaded .dxf file. Thanks to one amazing community member who goes by the name of “rancher” in the forums, we’ve finally got a video explaining just that! Rancher made a video on how to get gcode from a piece he designed himself in Fusion 360, but upon testing the same instructions on a downloaded .dxf file, I found out that the gcode that is created will indeed open and cut in Ground Control! Check out the video below if you want some instructions. Thanks rancher!

Ever since we shipped beta kits, the Maslow we’ve had set up in our shop space has been more or less out of commission in terms of actually cutting things because Bar has been putting so much work into bettering the machine. Although it’s been an amazing month and half full of tons of improvements to the Maslow, the month and half has been a bit lacking when it comes to actually building amazing things. In time for the Open House and Party on Friday, we decided it was time to get a second machine set up so that one can be used to make cuts while Bar continues to work on the other one. I personally am so happy to have a usable machine back! I’m making a couple more sets of corn hole boards for our friends at DIY Bar as well as a set that will be given away as a prize at Corn Hole for a Cause, a local tournament benefiting Transition Projects, which will be happening on May 20th! I finally started cutting those boards yesterday afternoon and in the whirlwind of beta testing, I had almost forgotten how fun it is to actually use the Maslow! Check out the photo below of how awesome our space looks with not just one machine in it, but two!

Finally, I’ve got two quick calendar reminders for you all! The first is that we will officially be opening sales to our waitlist on May 15th! I will send one more email to those on the waitlist this coming Monday as a one week reminder, and then on the 15th the link to purchase will be sent out! As before, if you believe you should be on our waitlist but do not receive the reminder email on Monday, May 8th, please reach out to me at to be sure you are actually on the list. Before emailing me, please double check your spam folder and be sure that you have actually confirmed your subscription to our list. Although I add you, you will not receive the emails unless you confirm your subscription in the initial email.

The other calendar reminder is for the Bay Area Maker Faire! We’ve already given our complimentary and discounted tickets out to various members of our community, but if you’re around we highly recommend you come say “hi” to us May 19-21 at the San Mateo Event Center. Bar and I will be sharing a booth area with 3 other projects from Kickstarter and we’d love to meet more members of our community and show you all the Maslow! Tickets are still available through this link.

Bar's Super Mini Update:

Hey everyone! Huge thanks to everyone who made it out to the open house. Y'all are just as awesome in real life as in the forums. This weeks Software/Firmware versions have some awesome new features, and lots of bug fixes. My favorite new thing is that starting this week your machine will remember where it is when you power it off and back on! No more big error circle. If you are running the software from the source code be sure to check out the new calibration procedure I've been working on by clicking Action -> Calibrate Machine Dimensions. It's disabled in the release version because it's not quite ready for the prime time yet. Something to look forward to for next week.

As always, thanks for following along with us again this week. We’ll be back with more good stuff next Wednesday!

Until then, 

Hannah & Bar