May 31st: Update on Shipment, the Backer Survey, an Awesome Desk, & More Software Updates!

Hey everybody!

We hope you’ve all had a good week since last Wednesday. We’ve settled back into the Portland life and are currently gearing up for the shipment of our remaining Kickstarter kits!

As of today we are still waiting on the Arduino Shields to arrive before we can ship. All of the other parts have arrived, and we’re steadily preparing to pack over 600 boxes to ship out to our remaining Kickstarter backers. As long as the arrival of the Arduino Shields goes as planned, we aim to start shipping on June 15th. The Arduino Shields are supposed to arrive by June 14th. As always, we’ll keep everyone updated on any changes in this timeline that may arise in the next couple of weeks, but hopefully everything goes as planned!

Since shipment is closing in on us, it’s about time to send out our Backer Survey. We plan to send the Backer Survey next Wednesday, June 7th along with our weekly update. Please keep this in mind and try to respond to the survey as promptly as possible. The survey will most importantly ask for an up-to-date shipping address, but will also include a few other questions including whether or not you purchased a Z-Axis Kit through our website. If you did, please be prepared to share that order number in the survey so that we can be sure to ship all of your parts in the same box!

In other news, the reopening of sales has gone very well for us. We reopened to our waitlist on May 15th and since then have decided to set a limit to the number of machines we are going to sell in this round. We still have a little over 100 kits remaining, but we imagine these will sell out in the next week or so. We’re so happy that interest in Maslow has stayed high and we’re really excited to have the chance to get Maslow into even more capable hands.

The project this week is a desk that Bar made! He’ll go more into the details below, plus he made an awesome video to show it off, but I have to say it’s been great to see him making things again! Bar has been pretty buried in software ever since the shipment of Beta Tester Kits, so the fact that he’s got the time to build something amazing again should be a sign that software has been greatly improved and things are generally going well!

Bar’s Mini Update:

Hey everyone! Making a desk to go with the chair I made has been on my to-do list for a long time. I chose the Olivia Desk from Open Desk. I liked the clean lines and the simplicity of the design.

I made a video to show the build process:

Overall it went smoothly. All the parts were cut in one job over the course of 3-½ or 4 hours (while I worked on other things). All the parts cut smoothly, except that on one pass one of the legs had a corner cut off where the machine ran into a bug. Fortunately, the cut off corner was concealed within one of the legs.

All the parts which were designed to press fit together did, and after a little bit of sanding, some stain for the top, and a coat of polyurethane I’ve got a new desk.

The completed desk and chair looking great in Bar's room

The completed desk and chair looking great in Bar's room

There were a number of software changes this week also.

On the firmware front Maslow Firmware v0.72 reduces the time to execute lines of gcode dramatically making files which have a very large number of lines of gcode run much faster. The way arcs are calculated was improved to eliminate some rounding errors, a chattering bug was solved, and some general code cleanup was done. You can find the latest firmware here:

On the Ground Control front v0.74 adds a number of new features and fixes. The way arcs are rendered was improved, the zoom feature now zooms towards your cursor (I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to change that), a bug which was making the machine not respond until stop was pressed after finishing running a file was fixed, a buffer overflow bug was fixed, the terminal is more responsive, the motors respond more smoothly during the calibration process, and an issue with one of the popups was fixed. You can find the latest version of Ground Control here:

A huge thank you to everyone who either reported or solved an issue this week.

Thanks for reading along! We'll be back next Wednesday.

Until then,

Hannah & Bar