The June 14th Update: Shipment, Projects & Software

Hey everybody!

Wow, it’s already Wednesday once again! Bar and I were just talking about how quickly time flies. Must mean we’re having fun…

This week, we’ve got some unfortunate news about a delay from the Arduino shield manufacturer, plus a reminder to fill out your backer survey if you haven’t already! Also, we’re officially sending the first MailChimp update this week, and all of our previous updates have been archived on the website! Finally, we’ll show off some fun projects we managed to do in the past week.

The day after last week’s update, I received news from our arduino shield supplier that they will deliver no later than the 21st. Originally we had been told the 16th, but unfortunately production is taking longer than expected so the shields will deliver later than expected as well. We will be as ready as possible to simply add the arduino shield to every box so that we can hopefully get the kits out as soon as we receive the final part. We apologize for this delay, but at this point it is mainly out of our control. We’ll do our best to get you your kit as quickly as we possibly can!

That being said, this means you still have a week to complete your backer survey! If you still haven’t responded to the survey, be sure to do so by logging in to your Kickstarter account.

This week we will start sending our update via MailChimp as well. Last week we sent out a link to subscribe to our MailChimp updates so that you can stay in touch when we transition to an email newsletter update in a few week. If you still haven’t signed up but are interested in staying in touch when we stop sending Kickstarter updates, please subscribe to the list here. We plan to keep this update in a very similar style to the weekly Kickstarter updates we have been posting all along - they will include updates to those who purchased in the most recent round of sales, information about software updates, our current events, and of course we’ll continue sharing fun projects that we and other Maslow users create! If you aren’t interested in receiving the weekly update any longer but want to check back in with us at any point, we’ve archived all of our previous updates on our website here. Feel free to check out what we’ve been up to there at any point!

We try to work with the community here at ADX on projects whenever possible because it gives us a chance to see Maslow in the hands of someone else. This week we worked with our friend Danielle to build a Kayak rack for her to show off her boats in an art show. She did the design in OnShape, and we cut the parts using Maslow.

 A small back story on Hannah: I love ultimate frisbee! For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a really fun sport that can best be explained as a combination of soccer and football, but with a frisbee of course! I’m going to a big tournament over 4th of July weekend, and our team is bear themed, so I decided to cut out a big mascot plus a bunch of little bear heads that will be given out as medals to our MVPs :) Check out the photos below of the bear as well as the remains of the sheet of plywood after the cut was made.

Software updates this week:

This week’s changes to both the Ground Control and the Firmware were mostly bug fixes and incremental improvements based on the community feedback. We improved the smoothness of the motors operation during the calibration process, fixed a bug with the way complete circles are cut, fixed an issue with the way the position indicator was working, and added a step to the calibration process to let you adjust the z-axis depth before running the test pattern.

Unfortunately we’ve also got a new and unwelcome bug that seems to have cropped up in the last few weeks. Somehow our increased serial throughput seems to be resulting in some characters becoming lost in transmission. The resulting garbled lines of gcode ruin a cut, so I’m going to make sure we’ve got the bug fixed as soon as possible.

We’ve also decided to sync up the version numbers for the Firmware and Ground Control and keep them matched starting this week. We think it will be less confusing. This means that the firmware will jump from v0.73 to v0.76 this week to match the software. As always you can find the latest firmware here and the latest Ground Control here.

That’s all we’ve got for this week! Again, sorry for the delay in shipment. We promise we want Maslow to be in your hands as much as you do! Hopefully we’ll be back next week with news that the arduino shields have arrived.

Until then,

Hannah & Bar