The Final Kickstarter Update: July 26th

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We hope you’re all having great weeks and getting the chance to assemble and use your Maslows! We are happy to announce that this will be our final weekly update posted and sent out through Kickstarter! From now on, we’ll be sharing a weekly update via our MailChimp list serve. Additionally, you can always find all of our weekly updates posted here on our website. If you want to stay in the loop with what we’re up to, be sure to subscribe to our MailChimp weekly update by clicking here.

Wow, it feels pretty surreal to be writing the final Kickstarter update. Bar and I had the chance to speak with an anthropologist yesterday who is doing research on “makers” and it actually turned into a really nice opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and where we hope to go. I can still remember writing the first Kickstarter update back in October. We were full of so many uncertainties back then, and although life for us and for Maslow still has many unknowns, the amount that we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to you all has been truly amazing. We are so grateful for all of the seemingly unconditional support that practically everyone in our community has shown us over the past 9 months. Bar and I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for making Maslow possible. We set out with the goal of getting this new idea out into the world, and we really feel we’ve accomplished that goal thanks to all of your support. We don’t want to get too mushy, and it’s hard to find all the right words to say at this point, but THANK YOU! We know we’ll be able to look back on this whole experience very fondly :)

As a fun bit of commemoration, check out the photos below that our good friend Anna took of us when we were first moving into ADX. The photos feel both recent and a thing of the distant past all at once.

Now onto business! I’ve been getting a lot of emails from individuals who are confused about when their kit will ship. I realize I may not have been clear enough on the shipment schedule, so I want to try to clear that up right now. If you backed us via Kickstarter, meaning you paid for a kit through our Kickstarter campaign in October/November of last year, you should have received your kit by now! The only reason you would not have received your kit is if you didn’t fill out your backer survey.

If you preordered a kit from us through our website in May/June of this year, we are aiming to ship to you by the end of this September. Preorder means that you paid for the full amount of the machine - $350 or $410, depending on whether or not you also preordered a Z Axis Kit. Currently, all of the parts for these preorders are in transit to us from different places in the world. We are currently working to set up more complete fulfillment with Exceed, which some of you may remember reading about in one of our previous updates from a few months ago. Our hope is to have them package and ship all of the preorders we received in May/June, because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to handle doing it again! That and they are much more efficient than I am :)

If you have only paid for a $1 waitlist spot through our website, you do not yet have a machine coming your way! I’m meeting with someone from Exceed tomorrow to hopefully move things forward in regards to fulfillment. Once I have more information from that meeting, I will send it out to those on the $1 waitlist, but know that as of now our tentative plans are to open sales to those on the $1 waitlist in either October or November of this year, with order fulfillment happening within 2 weeks after the order is placed. Please note that this plan is not yet set in stone, but it’s the ideal we are aiming for.

I hope this explanation clears up any confusion there was surrounding when you will receive your kit and/or be able to order. Of course, if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email

Bar's mini update:

This week there wasn't much progress on the PlyPOD front as we're waiting on a final design drawing from the architects.

I'd also like to say that in the last few days it's come up that there is an issue with the left motor moving jerkily. I'm hoping to have a fix for that in the next few days so stay posted!

Finally, this week I had an idea which I'm pretty excited about which would make the sled rotate around the router bit which has a whole host of benefits from increased accuracy to simpler calibration. It's still a very early in the testing and exploring process, but if you are interested in reading along there's a forum thread here that I think is worth checking out.

Have a great week everyone!

-Hannah and Bar