The August 9th Update

Hello everyone!

We hope this Wednesday is treating you well. It’s another hot one in Portland, and Bar and I are hard at work getting the first section of this pod put together in preparation of the Miller Family Free Day at the Portland Art Museum which will be on August 20th!

This week’s update is super short as we don’t have too much new to report over the last week. We sent out two specific emails last Friday, one to the group of May/June purchasers and another to those of you who have paid to be on our $1 wait list. If you are in one of those two groups and did not receive a detailed email from us this past Friday, feel free to reach out to be sure we have your correct contact info!

Bar and I have decided that starting after next Wednesday we are going to transition to an every other week update so we can focus on writing more in depth content. We enjoy keeping everyone in the loop with all of our plans and activities, but have found we have less to report now that the Kickstarter campaign has ended. Of course we’ll continue to be in the forums, and will send pertinent information to those who need to know as things come up, but the general Weekly Update will soon be named the Bi-monthly Update.

The pod project in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum, SERA Architects, and the Center for Public Interest Design is chugging along. We’ll be meeting with everyone at the art museum this Friday morning to discuss some final logistics for the day. The pod is being constructed in 4 segments, and the goal is to have at least one of these segments completely finished by the 20th so that it can be on display for all to see. Otherwise, we’ll be constructing another segment on site on the 20th, and hope to complete the other 2 for a total of 4 quickly so we can get the new pod into the Kenton Women’s Village before cold weather comes our way. It’s hard to imagine Portland being cold at this point, and it sure sounds nice, but I’m sure by the time it’s in full swing we’ll be wishing we were sweating once again!

That’s about all we have for you this week. Thanks for keeping up with us, and as always you can find us in the forums or reach out at for anything and everything!

Until next Wednesday,

Hannah & Bar