September 13th: Lots of Info on Preorders & Future Sales

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This week we’ve got an update dense with logistical details both about when kits will be shipping to those who placed a preorder in May or June as well as for those of you who are on the waiting list to order a kit in the coming months.

Preorder Info

First, let’s talk about the first batch of post-Kickstarter kits that we have been working on. We’re happy to say the packing of these kits is going very smoothly. We’ve almost completely handed packing and fulfillment over to Exceed Enterprises (a local nonprofit), and Sean, who has been assigned to our orders, is doing an awesome job of keeping everything organized. Those of you who already have a kit or who have done enough investigation will know that packing the Maslow kit is no easy task! There are many small parts and we feel confident Exceed is doing a great job at packing everything perfectly.

For those of you who like lists (I’m one of those people), here is a list of everything that has already arrived and is in the process of being packed:

  • All parts for the Small Hardware Bag

  • All parts for the Medium Hardware Bag

  • All parts for the small bag that goes in the Large Hardware Bag

  • All parts for the Z Axis Kit Hardware Bag

  • All motor power cables

  • Arduino Shields

  • Power Supplies

  • Arduinos

  • Z Axis Shaft Couplers

Now, here is a list of things we are waiting on to arrive:

  • Stretchy String

  • All motors

  • All brackets

  • Short and Long Wood Screws for the Large Hardware Bag

We want to try to give specific details about the items we’re still waiting on so that those of you who are waiting for your preorder to arrive will hopefully have a better understanding of our timeline and when exactly we’re hoping to ship.

The Stretchy String was on backorder and isn’t scheduled to deliver until October 2nd, at which time it will have to be cut into 230 cm segments and then bundled to be put in your kit. I’m working on finding a different supplier of Stretchy String that can deliver much sooner than October 2nd so that hopefully we can get that cut and bundled by the end of September.

The motors, both for the Regular Machine Kit and the Z Axis Kit are shipping out from China this Friday, September 15th, which is really more like tomorrow for those of us here in the US :) It will take at least 2-3 weeks for the motors to arrive to us by boat. The goal is to have the rest of the kits completely prepared so that once the motors arrive, they will just need to be cut into pairs and placed in your boxes.

All of the brackets landed in Seattle on September 12th and are in transit to Exceed. We’re still working on clearing all of the necessary customs paperwork to get them in our possession, but they should arrive by early next week.

I have an order placed for both the Short and Long Wood Screws which should arrive to Exceed some time next week. Once all of those screws arrive, they will have all the parts necessary to package the Large Hardware Bags as well.

Hopefully this information is helpful and can provide some transparency to our shipping timeline. Assuming the motors arrive in the 2-3 week time period that we’re expecting, we should have kits going out to those who preordered in May or June by the second week of October. We want to thank everyone so much for their patience with us throughout the whole process. There has been a constant learning curve for Bar and I in terms of what it means to get this many of something into the hands of those who want it. Almost everyone has been incredibly understanding of that, and we appreciate it so much. Hopefully by the next update, which we’ll send out September 27th, we’ll have even more good news and specific details on the arrival date of the motors.

Waitlist Info

Now for some details about our thoughts on the waitlist. We very much would like to move away from having a wait list and towards being able to have all the parts for the machine in stock. Until just recently, we had been planning to order a full inventory so that we could offer a kit almost immediately to every member of our waitlist when we open sales again. The last 5 weeks have been busy for our waitlist and almost 500 people have added themselves since the beginning of August. We’ve come to realize that we just don’t have the funds to stock an inventory that would allow us to sell a machine to every single person who is currently on our waitlist, let alone the potential hundreds more who may add themselves by the time all of the inventory would arrive, which would be some time in December.

Bar and I have talked about it, and we’ve decided to order parts for everyone on the waitlist (and the potential hundreds more who may add themselves before we actually receive the stock), place deposits on these parts, and then once again take preorders so that we can afford to pay for all of the inventory items in full at the time of shipment, which is when complete payment is generally due. With this decision, we’ll begin placing orders for the longest lead time items (such as the motors and brackets) by the end of this week. Once we get a shipment timeline on all of these parts with long lead times, this will help us to choose when exactly we will open sales again for preorders. Our goal with this round is to greatly shorten the preorder wait period. For the batch we will be sending out in a few weeks, the wait time has been 4+ months. We don’t like making anyone wait that long, so our hope is to shorten the preorder wait time to something closer to 4-6 weeks. Once we have a better idea of shipment timeline, we will update those of you on the waitlist with more specific dates and details for when we plan to open up for preorders.

Thanks for your time in reading this update! Sorry it was not more fun and interesting, but hopefully you got a lot of good information from it and feel more knowledgeable about your order or future order. As always, feel free to reach out at and we’ll be back in 2 weeks with more details and news!

Until then,

Hannah & Bar