Maslow Z-axis kits and more in the market, prizes are back for Project of the Week, and a new update schedule: October 3rd Update

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

We hope you all are having a great week. It's fall here in Portland, Oregon and the weather couldn't be better.

Tons of new parts available for the first time:

This week we're excited to announce that we've been cleaning out the Maslow closets and turning the parts we find over to Khefri and Nathan at Maslow Surplus Parts. They're working hard to get everything listed online meaning that there are a whole bunch of new parts available. Many of the things for sale now are parts that we’ve never sold individually before. The number of each part that we gave them ranges from one or two to hundreds so check them out before they sell out!

You can see all the parts they have listed along with everything else Maslow-related that is for sale in the Market at

Here’s an adorable picture of their shop goat Maple playing on a pallet rack:

maple in rack.jpeg

Prizes are back for the project of the week!

The good folks over at Maker Made read in the last newsletter that the prize for project of the week was coming to an end and they asked if they could step up and take over awarding the prize! What an amazing community! They are gearing up to start selling kits soon so expect to hear more from them!

We asked for a quick blurb we could post about Maker Made and here’s what they said:

“Maker Made's goal is to support the Maslow community by providing easy access to kits and replacement parts. We will also be sponsoring the weekly project challenge and supplying the winner with a prize, and a "trophy" file that they can cut out on their machine. Our site is currently still in development but it will be live in a matter of days with pre-orders for "classic Maslow" kits being open on day 1. People can follow us on for updates on pre-orders and website updates.

We can’t wait!

A new update schedule:

Our newsletter used to be packed with news about the current batch of kits that we were selling, but as we’re winding down the sales side of Maslow the things to write about in the newsletter are thinning out. We want to keep the newsletter as a place to talk about new software features, share news, and show off the best projects the community is building, but we think that every other week feels like too much right now so we’re going to switch to a once a month email newsletter. As always, the forums will have the most up to the minute news about what is going on in the Maslow community.


Tim went above and beyond and cut out 96 elephants to call attention to the 96 elephants poached each day in Africa. The elephants were painted by children and placed in a herd to raise awareness.

Tim 96 elephants 2.jpeg
Tim 96 elephants 3.jpeg

Cbolt360 got an early jump on his halloween decorations, an excellent use for his Maslow.

Cbolt360 haloween decorations.jpeg

Garru2 kept the home decoration theme going with this beautiful lawn nativity scene:

garru2 nativity scene 2.jpeg
garru2 nativity scene.jpeg

In one of my all time favorite projects Jetstar took the Fortnite sign posted in The Community Garden and adapted it to be a bunk bed safety rail! What a cool example of collaboration and adaptation of a project!

Jetstar bed rail.jpeg

Mattintx made this sweet shop sign, that saw blade is sure a shape that would be tough to cut by hand.

Mattintx shop sign.jpeg

Mike_Thomas made this beautiful smartphone retro TV:

Mike_Thomas smart phone TV 2.jpeg
Mike_Thomas smart phone TV.jpeg

RavenWall made this thoughtful illuminated mother's day gift:

RavenWall mothers day gift.jpeg

RavenWall also made some nice door plaques as gifts.

RavenWall signs for his boys.jpeg

We’ve seen a lot of state cutouts before, but never one that used negative space like this one from ShadyG:

ShadyG negitive space arzona.jpeg

Willja67 who is building an airplane did a decorative cutout of it this week:

Willja67 airplane cutout.jpeg

Along with using his Maslow to cut hot wire templates for the elevator surfaces. So cool!

Willja67 airplane elevator template.jpeg

Until next time, happy sawdust making everyone!

-Bar and Hannah