Parts arrived and machines shipping!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We’re going to keep this week’s update short and sweet so we we can get back to packing boxes! We now have all the parts in hand and we’re packing them into boxes as quickly as we can. We’ll be shipping all this week with a big push this weekend when we will have help from some of the ADX fabrication team (as we mentioned in the last update). Machines will be shipping in the order that they were purchased which feels fair.


The Assembly Guide

The instructions to build the frame have been updated based on the community initiative to redesign it. I’ve spent the last two weeks building and rebuilding it, writing the instructions, and testing it. I’m very impressed.

If you are interested in getting a head start on getting your kit put together, assembling the frame is a good place to start.

The entire assembly guide is available here.

Keep in mind that the instructions are themselves a wiki which you can edit! If you encounter some unclear wording please make it better for everyone! Instructions for how to edit the wiki are here.


Software and Firmware 1.09 Released

This week Ground Control version 1.09 and firmware version 1.09 are out! Because we know this will be the first version of both that many of you will be using we focused on making them the most stable versions possible. That meant that this week there were not a lot of new features.


Projects of the week

This week we had some really exciting projects which show the range of things which can be made on a CNC router.

Arnoldcp made this adorable elevated dog bowl holder to make his dog a little more comfortable while eating.

arnoldcp dog bowl.jpg

The guys over at Bada Boom Berlin put together this incredible window display for a show they have been working on. You can read all about the exhibition here. I sure wish I was in Berlin so I could go.


Blsteninhauer88 made this stunning lamp this past week. I think my favorite part is the cool shadows it casts on the walls.


Forums member theRatchet built something every shop needs which is a saw horse. He downloaded the plans from the open source plans site which has gotten a makeover since I last checked it out. Great find!


And finally Adam Collins won the forums Project of the Week last week with his Oakley Prizm Stand. So cool!


Don’t forget to post your projects in the forums everyone!

-Bar and Hannah