March 28th: Everything (Almost) Shipped, the new Community Garden, & more!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We always say it’s been a big couple of weeks for us, but since the last newsletter we have been even busier than usual. We’ve got (nearly) all of the March kits shipped, and we’re really excited to announce a new collaboration and project sharing website

We hope you’ve had a great two weeks as well. Scroll down to read all about ours.

Everything Shipped (Almost)

We are so happy to say that almost all of the kits have shipped! We’re wrapping up the remaining ~50, but those should all be out by the end of this week. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you think your kit is missing any parts. We seem to be doing well so far, but we want to be sure you have everything you need to build your Maslow. You can email about potential missing parts. The kits we’re just getting to are the ones which had an issue with the shipping address or some other issue so unless you’ve heard from us, your kit is on the way!

We have a couple other updates in regards to shipping-related matters as well. First of all, we plan to have a limited number of Ring System Kits available in our Store by the end of next week. We’ll be going to our fulfillment center on Friday to get them prepared to ship those kits, so be on the lookout for an announcement regarding the opening of sales of that specific kit sometime next week in the forums. We anticipate these kits selling out quickly, but we’ve got more on order and will have them again as soon as possible.

If you placed an order for an individual Z Axis Kit anytime after March 1st, you’ve probably noticed that kit has yet to ship to you. This is because we’ve been too busy dealing with shipping out the full kits, but now we finally have the time to get you those individual Z Axis Kits. Thanks for your patience! We’ll also be getting our fulfillment center squared away with shipping individual Z Axis Kits this Friday, so if you ordered one of those (aka a Z Axis Kit without a Base Machine Kit in the same order) expect to see an “Order Shipped” email starting next week.

Here’s a quick time lapse of packing all the kits over the weekend:

The Maslow Community Garden - a place to share projects

Since the very beginning of the Maslow project the community has lamented the lack of a good website to share projects. We need something similar to what Thingiverse offers for the 3D printing community. We’ve seen a lot of great collaboration and project sharing going on in the forums, but it’s time for a dedicated space!

This week we’re really excited to get to show off, our approach to project sharing. It’s just a soft launch and not everything is working fully yet, but please check it out and feel free to start using the site. Your feedback will shape the website.

How is the Community Garden different?

There are a couple really special things about the Maslow Community Garden that you might not have come across before in other project sharing sites.

First, its collaborative! When you create a new project in the garden using the web interface, what happens in the background is that a GitHub repository is created to store the project files. Creating a GitHub repository brings with it the entire suite of git/GitHub tools and integrations. Every project comes with tools to create and track issues, propose and discuss changes, and do a million other things that only git makes possible.

The simple web interface to create a project

The simple web interface to create a project

Second, it’s friendly to use. We know that GitHub can be intimidating and that a lot of the time all we need is a download button and some instructions. That’s why every project in the Community Garden gets a friendly project page where you can download the project files with a single click, read assembly instructions, discuss the project in an integrated forum topic, and find a bill of materials. You never need to touch GitHub if you don’t want to.

An example of a project page

An example of a project page

Third, it’s distributed. Ownership of data has always been a concern for project sharing sites. The Community Garden takes a distributed approach where the website is regenerated every minute from a list of tracked projects. The files for each project can live anywhere on any computer instead of existing in one centralized place and the automatically generated website will display them all together. It’s a little bit of a tricky concept to explain, and feel free to ignore this bit if it doesn’t seem like something you care about.

Expect more updates, explanations, and how-to videos about the Community Garden in the future.

Call for Feedback from Educational Institutions

As I’m sure many of you know, we’ve donated almost 100 kits to various Educational Institutions since the beginning of Maslow. Sadly, we have yet to receive much feedback from those schools that received a donated Maslow. We wanted to reach out to ask for feedback from any of you who are using a donated Maslow. How are things going for you? Do you have any questions or comments? Any fun projects you’d like to share with us? Whether your feedback is positive or negative, we’d love to hear from you!

Software Release

Maslow firmware v1.10 and Ground Control 1.10 are out today! There weren’t a ton of big changes in v1.10, just some tweaks to improve the calibration process. One notable bug that 1.10 fixes is that there was an issue where the calibration process would hide the notification to adjust the bit depth when doing the calibration with a manual z-axis. This is now fixed.

You can download the latest versions from the firmware releases page and from the Ground Control releases page.


This past week we had a flurry of OpenDesk nimble stool builds! First ChuckC posted this awesome video of the MakerLabs nimble stool build.

Next, theRatchet posted his own nimble stool build

theRatchet build this open source stool from OpenDesk

theRatchet build this open source stool from OpenDesk

And finally KingOfScolba posted this customized nimble stool build with an engraved top and double thickness legs for increased durability.

KingOfScolba’s nimble stool build

KingOfScolba’s nimble stool build

Keeping the seating theme going, clintloggins made this gorgeous TrippTrapp chair build which is a kids chair designed to grow with your child by using an adjustable height bottom. So cool! Clintloggins has been consistently building amazing things, but this has to be one of my favorites that he’s done so far.

clintloggins Tripptrapp chair.jpeg
clintloggins Tripptrapp chair2.jpeg
The base of the seat can be adjusted up and down to accommodate a growing child.

The base of the seat can be adjusted up and down to accommodate a growing child.

Finally, VTWood posted something that I think we could all use. It’s a tool to help carry a sheet of plywood. Tools making tools!

VTWood plywood carrier.jpg

Have a great week everyone! We know that a lot of you are going to be opening boxes this week and we’re being extra vigilant in the forums so let us know if you have any questions or issues!

-Bar and Hannah