April 11th: In search of a better chain tensioning system & lots of projects!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

The last two weeks have been all about getting everyone’s machines set up. We’ve had a tidal wave of questions in the forums, and I can’t say thank you enough to the community.

Watching everyone help one another, share information, and most of all encourage each other is a phenomenal experience. To everyone in the community, and especially the regulars who answer every question before I even have a chance to read it - THANK YOU!!!

Let’s design a better slack chain take up system:

As everyone has been getting their machines put together, a hardware issue has emerged. The bungee system that takes up the slack in the chain, which worked well in the vertical configuration, is not strong enough in the horizontal configuration.

A number of solutions have shown up in the forums from using a thicker bungee cord, to using counterweights which provide constant tension to the chains.

I’ve been playing around with a counter weight system which seems to be working well, and we want to hear what’s working for you. Check out the forum thread here to join the discussion on how we can redesign the chain tensioning part of the machine.

A quick project video:

We are going to start making it a priority to make more YouTube videos. We haven’t been making many recently in the push to get the kits shipped, but we’re going to try to start making more again.

This week I made a video about using captive T-nuts to build a toy for my friend’s miniature goats!


Ring system kit available for preorder:

As promised in the last update, we added the ring system to the store and they sold out quickly! We got some requests to have them available as a pre-order, so they are available now in the store and will ship with the next batch of kits.

Community Garden:

It’s been an exciting first few weeks of life for the Community Garden. We saw quite a few new projects added. Two of my favorites are this Edge Clamp Connector designed by theRatchet which connects two sheets of plywood.


You can download the files for that project here.

Community member blurfl really knocked it out of the park by redesigning the main controller board to use the more powerful TLE5206 driver chip.


All of the files for that project can be found in the community garden project page here.

If you are still a little unsure about what the community garden is and how to use it, I put together a quick introduction video:

And a video about how to post a project:

Community Projects:

I think the community projects section is everyone’s favorite part of the update. I’ve heard from multiple people that they skip to the bottom and check out the projects first.

Recently we’ve been seeing fewer and fewer projects get posted to the forums, and we only know they are out there by checking for Instagram posts tagged #maslowcnc, so to encourage more folks to post projects in the forums we’re giving away two free sets of router bits every week to projects posted in the forums. The first set goes to a project posted in the forums (chosen by community vote). The second set goes to a project posted in the Community Garden (also chosen by community vote).

If you are choosing to post your projects to Instagram instead of in our forums, please don’t forget to hashtag #maslowcnc as well as tag us! @maslow_cnc

The winner last week for the best project posted in the community garden goes to Madgrizzle for these excellent minecraft tools:


You can download the files to make them here.

Jcourrier’s excellent sign won the project of the week for projects in the forums even though it wasn’t even made this week (due to a shortage of eligible projects we pulled from past weeks)


We’re just giving away sets of router bits so don’t forget to post!

Here are some other projects that we saw posted on Instagram this week with the #maslowcnc and for which we were able to get permission to repost here:

blinkgalleryusa cut out this very cool gallery wall which gives them more space to hang art, but still lets light pass through to keep the space feeling open...Very smart!

Blink Gallery Wall.jpg

saturnuscapricornus posted this elegant skateboard design. His whole page is really worth a visit with some absolutely brilliant clamps he CNCd for making custom picture frames shown right before this.

saturnuscapricornus skateboard deck.jpg

20credux made this elegant bowl which uses gravity and interlocking panels to make a 3D shape out of 2D wood. Awesome!

20credux bowl cut.jpg
20credux bowl finish.jpg

And finally I’m not sure if this project counts, but my friend Mimi liked my dish rack and asked me to cut out the parts for her to make one too, and here’s her build. Now there are two in the world!

Mimi Dish Rack.jpg

Happy sawdust making everyone!

-Bar and Hannah