An Update Full of Projects!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

The last two weeks have been all about getting everyone’s machines together and it’s starting to pay off with a great crop of first projects! We’re trying not to be too wordy this week so we can get to the projects (which is everyone’s favorite part, we know).

Software and firmware 1.12 released:

Ground Control and Firmware 1.12 are out! There’s a ton of new features added by the community, read about what’s new and improved and download them from the release pages - firmware and Ground Control

Bungee update from last week:

Last update we asked for suggestions for ways to improve the chain tensioning system on the forum thread here and got 65 replies showing off some excellent solutions. Ultimately, I went with the simplest of them which was to keep the configuration the same but use a thicker cord. I used this cord and zip tied the ends because the thicker cord is difficult to tie.

cord zip tied.jpg

You can see it in action in this video here:

We plan to ship this thicker bungee with the next round of kits and we currently have samples on the way to us for testing!

What we’re working on for version 1.13:

We work on a ton of different things in each release, but something that will be added in 1.13 which I think is really interesting and exciting is that we’re working on compensation for manufacturing tolerances in the chain itself. Each link in the chain has a few thousandths of a millimeter of manufacturing tolerance which seems small, but over the length of the chain it adds up to a measurable error. A huge thanks to community member reecej for identifying tolerances in the chains as a place we can improve accuracy and putting in place the software foundation to compensate for chain tolerances.


Now onto the projects! First of all, we’ve got to award our Project of the Week winners from this week and last week, both from the Forums and the Community Garden! Don't forget, if your project is selected as a Project of the Week winner in either of these categories, you get 3 free router bits, so submit your projects!

Last week, Maslonian207 won our Forums Project of the Week with his Alphahawk map


Bar happened to win the Community Garden Project of the Week last week, so we won’t show off his photos ;)

This week, our Forums Project of the Week winner went to mlugo’s triceratops. Mlugo at Somers Middle School was one of the first educational institutions to receive a donated Maslow. He cut and assembled the triceratops with his students. How fun!


Our Community Garden Project of the Week winner for this week was not Bar, but theRatchet’s Edge Clamp Connector. I believe we already showed off this sweet design in a previous week, but here it is again because it is that good.


As per usual, we’ve found some awesome projects thanks to Instagram! If you use Instagram, please continue to tag us @maslow_cnc and #maslowcnc so that we can find your projects.

This first one is a fun and useful project brought to you by entropygun. He decided to cut a hangboard for rock climbing training, which it looks like his son is using like a pro.

See the full Instagram post, including the hangboard in action,  here .

See the full Instagram post, including the hangboard in action, here.

The next Instagram project are these beautiful cheese platters made by illuminateddan.


Finally from Instagram this week, we got a custom business logo made by benjaminbutlercompany.


Now onto the forums projects! We’ve started to see a lot more projects being shared in the forums in the past two weeks, which we take as a good sign that most people have gotten their machines up and running. We’ll start off sharing a few “first projects”...

Becca made this fun Texas star as a very first project, which turned out wonderfully!


Ambrose_Coulliette cut this beautiful wedding plaque as a first project


Ttitobob cut out this small dog bone for his dog Ginger as a first project with the Z Axis Kit and said it was “worth every penny”. Not to ignore the project, but look at how adorable Ginger is!!!


benjip shared two things he cut out of foam, which came out really well! We haven’t seen much cut out of foam compared to wood, so it’s cool to see some foam cuts come out so clean.


ScrumdyBum made this great Chicago Bears sign. What a good paint job!


Jon cut out this giant ruler for measuring growth. I’m assuming he’s measuring the growth of his children? It’s super awesome - wish I had one to measure myself against back when I was growing instead of the random closet wall.


Steve_Hall cut out Texas, with the comment that there seem to be many Texan Maslow users. He is correct! If I’m not mistaken, I believe there are more Maslows in Texas than any other state!


kodaxx cut out this piece, which is an emblem for a makerspace in progress.


BarryRalphs made this awesome two sided Kona Ice Truck sign to point customers in the direction of his sister’s truck. I love the idea of using engraving to help paint in the lines!


Scotty cut out this N and made a great tutorial of how to create text in Inkscape, upload it into MakerCAM, then use Maslow to cut it out!


Mlugo and the students at Somers Middle School also cut out this beautiful slim chair which they customized for sturdiness and aesthetic appeal


And finally, Sharpsburg_Woodworke made this cute Sorcerer Mickey Mouse silhouette


Wow! This may be the most projects we’ve ever had in one update! Thank you so much to everyone for sharing, and please don’t stop!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday everyone, and thanks for reading along.

-Hannah & Bar