Fire Warning, Maker Faire, Router Bits & Projects: May 30th Update

Hi Everyone!

We bumped the newsletter back a week because we lost a week at Maker Faire Bay Area. It was fantastic to get the chance to meet some of you in real life. The community sure didn’t slow down while we were at Maker Faire so there are a TON of awesome projects in this update.


We always advise that Maslow should NEVER be left alone. It does connect to a USB port, but it’s still a very serious power tool that should be treated with the utmost respect. We had a pretty scary incident since the last newsletter where an unattended Maslow caught fire! We’re not sure exactly what happened, but the likely culprit is the router bit rubbing against the wood which can quickly generate heat. Routers can easily generate heat which slowly becomes a fire if no one is in the room to keep an eye on things.

Fire 2.jpg
Fire 1.jpg

This concern is not unique to Maslow. All CNC machines should be run with someone in the room. Here is a cautionary video showing a Shapeoko CNC machine starting a fire to show how it can happen:

We’ve got to go ahead and award our Project of the Week winner for this week in this section of the update because KingOfScolboa made this great cautionary sign after the fire incident was shared in the forums.

KingOfScolba Do Not Be On Fire sign.jpg

Maker Faire

Alright, now that we’ve frightened everyone into not running their machines unattended let’s get to the good stuff! We had a booth at Bay Area Maker Faire and got to meet some of you (and a lot of other folks) in person. Galen, our friend who helped with our Kickstarter video, and his brother came out to help, which was wonderful. He put together this great video about the weekend:

We’re going to try to collaborate with him on some more, higher end videos in the future so stay tuned!

Thomas Sanladerer also interviewed us in one of his Maker Faire videos, which you can see below. We’re his first interview at 1:20.

Router bits available again!

We’ve got all flavors of router bit available in the store again!

Software Updates

Firmware and Ground Control versions 1.14 have been released. Details on all the bugs fixed and improvements are added in the release notes.


To start off, we’ve got three weeks of Project of the Week and Community Gardener of the Week winners to show off.

On May 16th, creigpat won Project of the Week with their Cub Scout Bridge


For the May 16th Community Gardener of the Week, Axel won for their Working Desk


On May 23rd, Jacob won Project of the Week for his tree-like table legs. We can’t wait to see the final build on this beautiful and challenging project!

Jacob tree legs 2.jpg
Jacob tree legs 3.PNG

The Community Gardener of the Week for May 23rd was theRatchet with his bucket stand, which was featured in the previous update.

Finally, the Community Gardener of the Week for this week was krkeegan for his sharpie pen holder.


Now onto all the other projects that were shared in the past few weeks. Let’s start off with another amazing project from KingOfScolboa. He made an arcade cabinet from scratch.

KingOfScolboa Arcade Cabnet 3.jpg
KingOfScolboa Arcade Cabnet 4.jpg
KingOfScolboa Arcade Cabnet 2.jpg
KingOfScolboa Arcade Cabnet 1.jpg

Ambrose_Coulliett made this cloud shaped and personalized shelf:

Ambrose_Coulliette cloud shelf.jpg

Prolific community member Bee designed and built a modular power strip which is shown off in the most recent edition of his Made on Maslow Magazine. I had the pleasure of getting to see it in person at Maker Faire and watching the 3D printed parts click together with the CNC cut parts was very satisfying.

Bee Socket 2.jpg

Dustcloud is keeping the stream of awesome projects coming. For this update he created a custom RV coffee stand. It’s this type of project which is customized to fit perfectly in the space available and hold that particular coffee pot that really shows off the power of digital design.

Dustcloud RV Coffee Stand 1.jpeg
Dustcloud RV Coffee Stand 2.jpeg

Jacob posted the first replication of the tablet holder that I posted in the community garden. It feels great to see someone using the design posted there!

Jacob tablet holder.jpg

Jake kicked off a trend of making house number signs with this elegantly done sign.

jake address sign.jpg

Mccand then created this beauty! The mixture of the engraved text with the metal numbers is a great look.

Mccand address sign.jpg

Jayster showed us all how to do it with this gift for his romantic partner. The number of projects that are built as thoughtful gifts is so heartwarming.

Jayster gift for wife.jpg

Jayster added his state Utah to the growing collection of states we’ve seen cut. He also used the practice engraving what I believe is Delicate Arch in Utah.

Jayster Utah cutout.jpg

Jeebiss constructed one of my favorite projects of all time. It’s a sign for his bike and coffee shop. The design is so elegant and clean. He cut the sign from a sheet of polycarbonate which he reports cuts well.

Jeebiss Coffee Bicycle sign 1.jpg
Jeebiss Coffee Bicycle sign 2.jpg
Jeebiss Coffee Bicycle sign 3.jpg

Jkmang made this stunning gift for his wife who is retiring as a teacher. What a thoughtful and amazing thing to do! The Maslow community is made up of the most wonderful folks.

Jkmang Retirmenet Sign.jpeg

KingOfScolba also did some more experiments with engraving which came out beautifully

KingOfScolba engraving 1.jpg
KingOfScolba engraving 2.jpg

And just to keep his roll going, KingOfScolba made this stand to hold his laptop in the shop.

KingOfScolba Laptop Stand.jpg

LakeWorthB created this custom skateboard rack

LakeWorthB skate board rack.jpg

Lloydinz made this custom thickness sander to let him sand parts to a set thickness. Tools making tools!

Lloydinz thickness sander 1.jpg

Noggin011 created this drill bit and router bit holder and made a cool timelapse video of the process.

noggin011 drill drawer 1.JPG
noggin011 drill drawer 2.JPG

Oscar_Solano cut this Super Man logo as a way to test cutting worked!

Oscar_Solano PVC super man logo.jpg

Sharpsburg_Woodworke cut out this stop sign for Santa. We can’t wait to see all the Christmas decorations he creates

Sharpsburg_Woodworke santa stop sign.jpg

And finally, YeehawMcKickass solved an issue I’ve been thinking about since the very beginning of Maslow. He installed a vent for window air conditioner in an aesthetically pleasing way!

YeehawMcKickass Air Conditioner Window 1.JPG
YeehawMcKickass Air Conditioner Window 2.JPG

Thanks for reading along! We'll be back in another couple of weeks with another update.

-Bar & Hannah