An update on shipment, software, and more cool projects: June 13th Update

Hey everyone!

We’ve got some info on our upcoming shipment in this update as well as the standard software update and some awesome projects! Feel free to scroll on through if you’re not curious about our upcoming shipment.

Shipment Update

We’ve started to prep items so that when the final parts arrive we will have as much as possible ready to be placed in boxes! This means doing things from putting rubber bands around sets of motor cables to wrapping metal parts in paper so that they don’t damage other items in the box. Bar and I have been hard at work on these tasks for the last couple of weeks, and in the coming week or two we plan to once again hire some members of the ADX Fabrication Team to help us on nights and weekends.

We are still waiting for an order of metal machined parts to arrive through customs, including brackets, bearings, and the rings. The boat these parts were on landed at Tacoma Washington yesterday, so we should see them here at ADX next week. There is always a small risk of a customs inspection, as with what happened with our previous shipment of motors, but we have our fingers crossed these parts will make their way through customs smoothly. If anything other than a smooth arrival transpires, we’ll be sure to let those of you waiting for your kit know.

We’re also waiting on a delivery of hardware bags from Fastenal as well as the elastic cord that holds the chain in place to be cut into segments by our order fulfillment partner, Relay Resources. Both of these items should also be to us next week. With this timeline in place, we anticipate getting boxes out during the final week of June and into the first week of July. If you’re waiting on a kit, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number the day your kit actually goes out. Thanks for your patience with this shipment. We can’t wait to send this batch of Maslows out into the world!

Software Updates

Version 1.15 of both Ground Control and the firmware are released. There were no major changes to either one in this release, however keeping up with the current version is always a good idea. You can read all about the changes to the firmware and Ground Control in the release notes for each one here and here.

The big software push this week has been to update and improve the Maslow Community Garden which is our repository of community projects. The community garden has been with us as an idea since the very beginning. Early on it was just a Github repository that anyone could contribute files to, but it lacked any formal structure or way to browse the projects.

A few months ago the community garden got a big push and moved to its current location at , but it still was just a big jumble of projects. As the site filled up with projects it became a little cluttered and difficult to find projects. To address that we’ve made a bunch of changes to the Garden this week, here are the ones you most want to know about:

  1. There are tabs now! To organize projects into categories we’ve added tabs.

Tabs in the garden.JPG

2. Projects are now ordered! It used to be that the projects would all shuffle randomly every time the garden regenerated itself. Now the number of stars that the project’s Github repository has gotten are used to order the projects meaning projects which have gotten more engagement from the community will float to the top.

3. You can now link directly to a project's instructions! We are trying to use the community garden more as place to keep Maslow’s assembly instructions. You can now link directly to a tab within a project like this.

4. Numerous other small fixes and improvements! The garden is growing and we’re steadily working to make it a better and more usable resource for the community. If you can think of a way to improve the garden let us know or make a pull request to . The website is automatically updated from that source code every five minutes so your changes will automatically be reflected on the website right away!


As always there was an amazing crop of projects in the forums. Excitingly, many of these projects as well as some from last week like the beautiful arcade cabinet are now available to download from the Community Garden!

First off, a batch of projects from Cbolt360 who has been carrying on the proud tradition of using Maslow to make meaningful gifts for others. First, he made this beautiful gift for his wife to take to a diaper party.

Cbolt360 big letter.jpg

Next, he made this 3’ tall anchor for his wife’s sister’s wedding. The guests will sign wooden hearts and drop them through a slot in the top.

Cbolt360 wedding anchor.jpg

Finally, he used reclaimed pallet wood to make this SF 49rs sign for his wife’s father. What a cool set of gifts!


Noggin011 took us in the other direction next with a set of practical projects for a shop space he is building out. Generously, he shared the files in the community garden so that for anyone else can easily make them.

This plastic screw organizer holder came out very nicely. I wish my screws were that organized.

noggin011 storage organizer.JPG
noggin011 storage organizer2.JPG
noggin011 storage organizer3.JPG

Next he combined Maslow with a 3D printer to make a storage rack to hold reels of project wire which is something anyone who has ever tried to untangle a ball of wire will appreciate.

noggin011 wire organizer reels 1.jpg
noggin011 wire organizer reels 2.jpg

ScrumdyBum’s managed to make something which is both a considerate family gift and something practical this week when brother decided to split his bee hive into two colonies and ScrumdyBum made this absolutely gorgeous Colorado top bee hive.

ScrumdyBum colorado top bar bee hive.jpg
ScrumdyBum colorado top bar bee hive 2.jpg
ScrumdyBum colorado top bar bee hive 3.jpg

Jacob is building a slab top table and used his Maslow to make a jig to help him to mill the top of the slab flat. He generously shared the files in the community garden for anyone to download.

Jacob slab flattening jig 2.jpg
Jacob slab flattening jig 1.jpg

And finally, Sharpsburg_Woodworke made these cutous of Max from The Grinch. Interestingly he used Maslow to both cut out the shapes and to mark where to paint them, a technique we’re seeing used to great effect. The files for these are also in the community garden, I know I might give those a download when we get a little closer to Christmas.

Sharpsburg_Woodworke Max from the grinch.jpg

Finally, our Project of the Week and Community Gardener of the Week winners who are receiving sets of free router bits are:

For June 6th:

ScrumdyBum’s beehive for the Project of the Week, and Stephen_Slagle for the Community Gardener of the Week with the sled with center alignment jig.


For June 13th:

Noggin011 took home the Project of the Week with his storage rack for project organizers, and blurfl took home the Community Gardener of the Week with his TLE5206 driven Maslow Control boards.


Until next time, we’ll be packing and wrapping. Have a great two weeks everyone!

-Bar and Hannah