We're packing & shipping! Plus updates & projects: June 27th

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday!

This update is going to be tremendously short because we are busy packing boxes as fast as we can. The parts we were waiting for cleared customs on Friday and since then we’ve been working as hard as we can with the help of some friends to get these kits packed. The big push will be this weekend and we are hoping to have all the kits in this batch shipped by next week.

Here’s a quick time lapse of us packing boxes yesterday:

Software Updates

Version 1.16 of the Maslow Firmware and Ground Control are released! You can find them here and here.


Please forgive me for any projects I’ve missed this week. A quick glance through the forums shows some great ones.

HugoCas made this beautiful chair this week. A special thank you to everyone in the forums who helped him along the way by translating into spanish.

HugoCas Chair.jpg

Arnoldcp cut this Ford logo for a garage wall:

arnoldcp ford sign.jpg

And following his lead ScrumdyBum did a VW logo:

ScrumdyBum VW Logo.jpg

Along with a slew of other projects including cut outs of a dog and a pi symbol:

ScrumdyBum pi symbol.jpg
ScrumdyBum Window ledge.jpg

And finally he also made this beautiful rocking horse:

ScrumdyBum Rocking Horse.jpg

Sharpsburg_Woodworke continued his series of christmas decorations from The Grinch with a cutout of the Grinch himself!

Sharpsburg_Woodworke Grinch.jpg

theRatchet did some experimentation with making puzzle joints this week and posted his test files in the Community Garden for us all to play with:

theRatchet puzzle joint.jpeg

Cbolt360 made a carousel themed night light by stacking layers:

Cbolt360 nightlight carousel.JPG

MeticulousMaynard did some kitchen cabinets for a remodel which looks to be going very well:

MeticulousMaynard Cabnet 1.jpg
MeticulousMaynard Cabnet 2.jpg

And finally to finish on a strong note Oscar_Solano did an absolutely stunning professional sign for a local watch and jewelry repair business:

Oscar_Solano Sign 1.jpg
Oscar_Solano Sign 2.jpg

Sorry for the quick update this week everyone, I’m back to packing boxes. By the next update all of the Maslows will have arrived and we’ll be seeing them come together. Until then happy cutting!

-Bar and Hannah