Final shipments, the future of Maslow, and Projects! August 22nd Update

Hi Everyone, Happy Wednesday!

This newsletter is going to be a little bit brief because we’ve got a lot going on right now, but it’s all good stuff. There’s progress on our end with shipping, there’s progress with setting up the future of the project and making sure the hardware stays available, and of course there’s a whole lot of amazing projects to show off.


Last mini batch shipping update

We’re in the process of shipping most of the last mini batch of kits. It’s a bit harder than normal because we’re trying to be extra careful not to get stuck with a bunch of extra of one part so it’s going to be a slow process but the first boxes are out the door. We’re short a couple bags of the hardware so a few kits will be going out at the beginning of September but we’ve emailed you if you are in that group.


Software update

Version 1.20 of Ground Control and the firmware is released and it adds a feature which has been much requested. You can now take a picture of your machine, put it into Ground Control and then see how your parts will fit on the sheet around the existing cuts. Another amazing community contribution!

New Ground Control.JPG

Unfortunately the changes this week are affecting our OS X build system, I’m working on a fix but it might take me a few extra days to get the OS X binary done.


Community sourced kits for sale in the future

We’ve been talking to some folks who are interested in making Maslow kits available again in the not too distant future. Hannah and I were hoping that as we took a step back from the business side of things someone else would step in and it’s happening! We’ll have all the details when we have a better understanding ourselves, but it’s looking like if things go smoothly kits could be available again before Christmas supplied by the community which would be an absolute dream come true for us.



Just like every week a whole bunch of new and amazing projects blew our minds in the forums this week. Wow.

Let’s start off with this amazing piece of work from Sreenigne who built this pedal car which totally blew my mind this week.

Sreenigne Pedal Truck 2.jpg
Sreenigne Pedal Truck 3.jpeg
Sreenigne Pedal Truck 4.jpeg
Sreenigne Pedal Truck 5.jpg
Sreenigne Pedal Truck 6.jpg
Sreenigne Pedal Truck 7.jpeg

Delloman and friends made four beautiful arcade cabinets this week:

Delloman made four beautiful arcade cabnets this week.jpeg

Simon_makes began a gorgeous computer case build that I can’t wait to see the finished version of.

simon_makes PC case 1.jpeg
simon_makes PC case 2.jpeg
simon_makes PC case 3.jpeg

He also put together this YouTube video of the build so be sure to give it a view and a thumbs up

Adam_Reid continued the tradition of using Maslow to make gifts by making this plaque for his wife. He used three bits to achieve the different styles of engraving to great effect.

Adam_Reid plaque for wife.jpeg

Cbolt360 had a great string of projects including this engraving for his nephew to paint

Cbolt360 projects 1.jpeg

And a sign for his home

Cbolt360 projects 2.jpeg
Cbolt360 projects 3.jpeg

Clintloggins used his Maslow to help with garage cleanup and organization this week

clintloggins maslow projects 1.jpeg
clintloggins maslow projects 2.jpeg
clintloggins maslow projects 3.jpeg

Embo_Marruk made this stunning and HUGE fortnite sign and generously shared the files in the community garden!

Embo_Marruk fortnight 2.jpeg
Embo_Marruk fortnight sign 1.jpeg

James_Cunningham played around with cutting some script

James_Cunningham letters.jpeg

Mccand followed his lead with these beautifully cut pieces

Mccand script 1.jpeg
Mccand script 2.jpeg
Mccand script 3.jpeg

Jetstar built this giant T-rex cutout

Jetstar t-rex.jpeg

Madgrizzle put together this stove top cover as a gift for some friends triggering an interesting discussion on how to best fill in the lettering and protect it for easy kitchen cleaning. We can’t wait to see the finished result.

madgrizzle stove top cover.png

RavenWall made this stool which came out great if a little too short for where he wanted to use it

RavenWall stool 1.jpeg

Rosssivertsen made this sign continuing the tradition of using Maslow to support good organizations

rosssivertsen sign.jpeg

Scottscnc did a version of the Cubs sign that scrumdybum posted the files for, another great example of collaboration

scottscnc scrumdybum cubs sign.jpeg

Scpeterson made these elegant dog name signs for his neighbors

Scpeterson dog bone cutouts.jpeg

And then he did this beautiful porch swing for his house

Scpeterson porch swing 1.jpeg
Scpeterson porch swing 2.jpeg
Scpeterson porch swing 3.jpeg

ScrumdyBum was awarded a joke lifetime achievement award this week in the forums for his prolific creating, here’s a few of the things he did this past week.

ScrumdyBum projects 1.jpeg
ScrumdyBum projects 2.jpeg
ScrumdyBum projects 3.jpeg
ScrumdyBum projects 4.jpeg

Snapperhead did a neat computer tray which attaches to his desk

Snapperhead keyboard tray 1.png
Snapperhead keyboard tray 2.jpeg

tmd built these shelves using his Maslow to cut the slots for the boards which is a neat build style. I was particularly impressed by this build this week because it’s so different than what we usually see.

tmd shelves 2.jpeg
tmd shelves.jpeg

And finally, Willja67 made this awesome airplane cutout to hang on the wall next to the real airplane he is building

Willja67 airplane cutout.jpeg

Thanks for reading everyone! Sorry this update was a little bit brief, we’re scrambling like crazy with all the good things happening right now.

-Bar and Hannah