Check your unopened kits, Community Sourced kits on the way, & Projects! The September 19th Update

Hi everyone!

We’ve had a successful past couple of weeks shipping out our final orders for complete Maslow kits. We are now starting the process of winding down the business side of things. In this week’s update we’ve got a few logistical updates as well as some more amazing projects, of course!

We’ve shipped all remaining orders - please check them!

We have shipped all of our remaining orders and most have arrived by now. If you were expecting to receive a Maslow kit and haven’t yet, please be in touch! We want to be sure to tie up all loose ends and potentially missing kits as quickly as possible. If you’ve received a kit but have yet to open it, please do us the favor of opening it and inventorying the items. We want to be able to send any potential missing parts out by the end of October, so please check your kits as soon as possible.

Community Sourced Kits are on the way

We still anticipate that community-sourced kits will come available in the next couple of months. Once we are made aware of other sources of the complete kit we will definitely share this source via our website. If you are interested in purchasing a community-sourced kit, please keep up with our website, specifically the “Store” tab, as that is where we’ll be posting a link to complete kits. We will also post a link in the newsletter as soon as we have one.

Community Garden Market is working well

The community market we mentioned in the last newsletter has been working well, creating a space for the community to list items for sale.

We’re out of router bits!

Unfortunately since we have sold out of router bits we are no longer able to offer free router bits to the Project of the Week winner nor the Community Gardener of the week. Sorry about that! We hope everyone will continue to post for the win so they can have the glory!


As usual we’ve got an amazing batch of projects to show off from the forums for this newsletter.

To start things off we’ve got this incredible PC case build from the YouTube channel simon_makes which took home the community “Project of the week” award this past week.

Here are some photos showing off the different color lights inside

simon_makes PC case 1.jpeg
simon_makes PC case 2.jpeg

You can watch the second part of the build process here:

Awsmith used his Maslow to help some Econ students out with starting a business for a class project. They made skateboards, demonstrating how Maslow can be used to introduce a new generation to the positiblites of digital manufacturing. Very cool!

awsmith econ class skateboards 2.jpeg
awsmith econ class skateboards 3.jpeg
awsmith econ class skateboards.jpeg

Cbolt360 made this sign as a gift for a family member keeping the tradition of Maslow gifts alive

Cbolt360 sign.jpeg

DakotaJim did his first project this week this dragon which we think came out beautiful!

DakotaJim dragon.jpeg

Dustcloud also made some signs this week which I think came out steller

Dustcloud sign 1.jpeg
Dustcloud sign 2.jpeg

GrNeoP kept us on our toes this week cutting some very expensive acrylic sheets, the results came out fantastic

GrNeoP Sign 1.jpeg
GrNeoP Sign 2.jpeg

Hoa_Pham also designed a Maslow cut long board. He wasn’t satisfied with the first version and so he’s doing a second iteration using the power of digital fabrication to the fullest!

Hoa_Pham longboard.jpeg

Jetstar had an amazing couple weeks. This rhino shelf came out beautifully. I wonder what program it was designed using ;-)

Jetstar rhino.jpeg

Jetstar also did this sign:

Jetstar sign.jpeg

Cut himself an acrylic sled:

Jetstar sled.jpeg

And did a unicorn themed box:

Jetstar unicorn.jpeg

Maslonians207 did this sign which shows some quality workmanship:

Maslonians207 sign.jpeg

Oliverilg kept the craftsmanship going with these gorgeous cheese boards:

oliverilg cheese boards 2.jpeg
oliverilg cheese boards.jpeg

Pbriggs made a game board for a game his family plays, and kindly linked to the rules in the forums for anyone else who wants to pick the game up:

pbriggs board game.jpeg

rossboss made this novelty slice of pizza:

rossboss pizza.jpeg

ScrumdyBum did this engraving keeping his incredible streak going:

ScrumdyBum engraving.jpeg

Wyatt did this engraving of a bear on a HUGE slab of wood

Wyatt bear slab.jpeg

And finally Yoshimex pulled some things from the digital world into the real world using his Maslow:

yoshimex games 1.jpeg
yoshimex games 2.jpeg

Have a great two weeks everyone!

-Bar and Hannah