The New Maslow Store, the Final Shipment, and Projects! September 5th Update

It’s been a hectic couple weeks at Maslow HQ while we facilitate the transition to having parts supplied by the community and get the last couple kits sent out. Hannah was out last week, and while I mostly held down the fort I’m really glad she’s back because things run so much smoother with us both here. Thanks for bearing with us while we get everything sorted out.


The New Maslow Store

Having the community offer Maslow parts and enhancement kits is great, but it can be confusing.

The Swap Meet channel in the forums works well for listing one time items for sale, but longer term items can get buried in the conversation. As a solution we’ve created the Market category in the Maslow Community Garden. It allows all of the Maslow related items currently for sale to be listed in one place. Just like every other project in the Community Garden, items listed for sale are GitHub repositories which can be edited by anyone.

You can explore the market at or by clicking the “Store” button at .

You can see a quick video on how to post something for sale in the Market here:


Shipping final kits

The hardware kits for the final shipment were finished today and should be delivered to us by the end of this week or early next. We’ve got the kits fully packed aside from the hardware so as soon as those hardware kits are delivered to us we’ll put them in the full kits, put a shipping label on, and the kits will be on their way. If you’re in the small group of people who are still waiting for a kit to ship, be on the lookout for an email with a tracking number early next week, and thanks again for your patience!



Every week there are more and more amazing projects. Don’t forget to scroll all the way through this week for a boat build which blew our minds.

But first it wouldn’t be newsletter if clintloggins didn’t build something cool. This week he continued his garage organization system with a skateboard holder.

clintloggins skateboard holder.jpeg

Embo_Marruk made this awesome Llama from the video game Fortnight for his son’s wall

Embo_Marruk llama from fortnight.jpeg

HugoCas made the second awesome cupcake display we’ve seen built!

HugoCas cupcake display.jpeg

James_Cunningham made this very clean looking sign, and shared some insight on what materials to use from a professional sign maker which are worth checking out in the forums.

James_Cunningham professional sign.jpeg

LuisP took a hand sketched picture of his parents from the 1960s and engraved it into wood.

LuisP picture.jpeg

Maslonians207 made this sign as a practice before running the same file in hardwood. We can’t wait to see the finished version.

Maslonians207 sign.jpeg

Mccand made this busy box for his son which looks like a lot of fun, and a great way to instill knowledge about how to use design using different hardware.

Mccand busy box.jpeg

Mccand also made this beautiful headboard

Mccand headboard.jpeg

Mrbrixx did this awesome elephant engraving. It came out great, and the drawing itself is such a cool one.

mrbrixx elephant engraving.jpeg

RavenWall made himself a step stool

RavenWall step stool.jpeg

ScrumdyBum seems to have perfected his script signs as this batch came out breathtaking. It’s amazing what thin detail he is able to pull off.


ShadyG made a sign for the local 4H club

ShadyG 4h club.jpeg

Sreenigne put a coat of paint on the pedal car he showed off in the last update. What a project!

Sreenigne pedal car.jpeg

TheMerryYeoman had a great run making a holder for his chisels

TheMerryYeoman chisel holder.jpeg

These guitar pick holders for a music shop

TheMerryYeoman guitar.jpeg

And a sign! Great work!

TheMerryYeoman spirit and truth sign.jpeg

Toddkis made this lovely gift for his wife:

toddkis gift.jpeg

TomD absolutely blew us all away this week with this rowing skiff / SUP build. Here is his CAD design

TomD boat 1.jpeg
TomD boat 2.jpeg

Based on the CAD model he cut out templates and then used a hot wire cutter to transfer the templates into foam

TomD boat 3.jpeg
TomD boat 4.jpeg
TomD boat 5.jpeg

He also directly cut some marine grade plywood to make the boat’s rowing mechanism

TomD boat 6.jpeg

We think the results when covered with fiberglass really speak for themself. Wow!

TomD boat 7.jpeg
TomD boat 8.jpeg

And finally Wyatt made this cool Gone Fishing sign

Wyatt Gone Fishing.jpeg

Until next time happy sawdust making!

-Bar and Hannah