What's next for Maslow, Ring kits shipped, more motors available & more! July 25th Update

Hi everyone,

This week we’ve got some details on what’s next for Maslow, as well as info on Ring kit shipment, motors being available in the store again, more donated kits, and of course a ton of projects!


What is next for Maslow?

As we’re starting to catch our breath from shipping the last batch of kits, we’ve started to reflect on why we started this project and where we want it to go.


Getting back to basics

Maslow is not a business. We are a community driven open source project that has a business side to support the project. The Kickstarter and selling kits was a way to make CNC more accessible and to build a community around this crazy idea for a new type of CNC router. Maslow has always been about wanting to live in a world where folks anywhere can collaboratively design and share big things.

Unfortunately as the project has grown we are spending more and more time on the business side of things: dealing with taxes, customs, insurance, shipping and all the other things that go along with running a small business.

We want to spend more time working on making Maslow better and more time solving fun engineering problems. We want to have better work life balance, and to spend more time making things!

There's no way we can give this growing project the support it needs and do that.

Going forward we want to stop selling kits and focus on working to make parts available directly from the manufacturers, eliminating us as the middleman. We envision both people buying individual parts as replacements, and people assembling and selling Maslow kits locally. We have seen the community produce and sell add-on kits like the linkage kits and the Bosch router conversion kit. By enlisting the help of the community we can make Maslow more affordable (especially outside the US), support community innovation, and see the project continue to grow without beating ourselves up in the process.

“But how will you make money?” Is the question everyone we’ve floated the idea to has asked. We’re not sure that is the most important question. Our overhead is so low that the project can support the forums and keep our domains up for years without any worry. The community moderates the forums, writes the software, answers help questions, and improves the machine’s design. By harnessing the community we can make the machine better, cheaper, and available in more parts of the world. If we’re serious about being a community driven open source project first, then that sounds like a win even if it hurts our bottom line.


Ring Kits have shipped

Ring kits are shipped! If you ordered a Ring kit and have yet to receive it or at the very least a notification that it’s on its way to you, please contact hannah@maslowcnc.com so she can get that kit out to you ASAP.


Motors for sale again

Post-shipment, we’ve finally had the time to take real stock of what we have leftover, which happens to be more motors! We’ve put motors back up for sale in our online store. This time, they don’t come with the cable, as we don’t currently have enough extra of those, but having extra motors available is still extremely helpful.


Kits donated

Since our announcement in our previous newsletter that we donate “to pretty much any school, non profit, or makerspace that emails us”, we’ve gotten a lot of emails requesting donated Maslows, which is awesome! Since the last newsletter, we’ve already sent out about 5 more donated kits and have another 5 lined up. To highlight a few, these organizations include St. John’s University in Queens, NY, MakerFX Makerspace In Orlanda, Florida, Tampa Hackerspace in Tampa, Florida, and a high school in Pakistan!



This week we got to see the completion of some of the projects we’ve been following for a while, along with a bunch of new Maslow’s first projects!

Sonny_Lacey completed his Bolget Bobcat build just in time for the summer!

Sonny_Lacey Bolget Bobcat 2.jpg
Sonny_Lacey Bolget Bobcat 3.jpg
Sonny_Lacey Bolget Bobcat 1.jpg

Jacob finished his gorgeous slab table this week. It came out pretty much too amazing for words.

Jacob table 1.jpg
Jacob table 2.jpg

Arne2050 inspired the next generation of makers with this custom legos box. Congrats to Arne2050 for winning Project of the Week this week!

arne2050 toy box 1.jpeg
arne2050 toy box 3.jpeg

Not technically related to the project, but check out this cool triangular sled he is using. The community never stops trying new things and innovating!

arne2050 toy box 2.jpeg

Brendon built this fantastic stool with the Maslow logo built in, AND he posted the files in the community garden so anyone else who would like can make one too! I think there might be one of these in my future ;-)

Brendon Stool.jpg

Clintloggins continued to push the envelope this past week with some incredibly complex engravings which he then filled to create an inlay effect with tremendous results.

clintloggins engraving 1.jpeg
clintloggins engraving 2.jpeg
clintloggins engraving 3.jpeg
clintloggins engraving number.jpg
clintloggins engraving 4.jpeg

Cpackdowork started off strong with these as the first projects on his newly setup Maslow:

Cpackdowork first projects 1.jpeg
Cpackdowork first projects 2.jpeg

Dag83 made a puppy leash holder for what has to be the most adorable puppy in the world. I couldn’t justify putting the puppy pictures in the projects section, but they are absolutely worth a trip to the forums.

Dag83 dog leash holder.jpg

LuisP did a series of mandalas this week. Personally I particularly love the way the grain contrasts in the one with the pocket operations.

LuisP Mandala 1.jpg
LuisP Mandala 3.jpg

S.Keehn did a series of excellent signs which show off a range of sizes, materials, and finish options.

S.Keehn sign 1.jpeg
S.Keehn sign 2.jpeg
S.Keehn sign 3.jpeg
S.Keehn sign 4.jpeg

ScrumdyBum started work on what appears to bee another hive this week.

ScrumdyBum behive 1.jpg
ScrumdyBum behive 2.jpg

He also made these bottle openers which were cut from PVC board, a material I don’t recall having been cut before. It looks like it works well.

ScrumdyBum bottle opener 1.jpg
ScrumdyBum bottle opener 2.jpg

Whitt3rx made this beautiful archery trophy which came out great!

whitt3rx Archery Trophy 1.JPG
whitt3rx Archery Trophy 2.JPG
whitt3rx Archery Trophy 3.JPG

Until the next update, enjoy the summer everyone (well those of you in the northern hemisphere), and we’ll see you in the forums!

-Bar and Hannah