What kind of materials can Maslow cut?

Maslow is designed to cut the kinds of materials you could normally cut with a router table. Think plywood, sheet rock, MDF, etc.

How thick of material can Maslow cut?

The thickness of material you can cut is really only limited by the travel on your router. On my router that's about 1.5 inches. I cut 3/4 inch plywood regularly. Cutting thick materials requires multiple passes. I usually cut 1/8th inch with each pass, so 1/4 inch plywood takes two passes.

How does the z-axis work?/How does the machine raise and lower the router bit?

There are two ways to raise and lower the router bit. The basic kit relies on you to set the depth of the cut manually. When the bit needs to be raised or lowered the machine will stop and the software will prompt you to set the depth on your router. We chose to do it this way to keep the kit as simple and affordable as possible, and to ensure it works with as many types of routers as possible.

We will make an optional z-axis add on which will raise or lower your router bit automatically. We aim to have this available from our online store before the kits ship. We estimate the cost will be around $60.

You keep listing the price as "under $500" but the complete kit is $350. What's up with that?

We didn't want to say for $350 because you still have to buy two bricks, two sheets of plywood, and three 2x4s to put your kit together. If you don't have a fixed base router already, you will have to buy one of those too. If you don't own a router, the total comes out to be about $500.

What router would you recommend?

We recommend the Ridgid R2200. It has a number of nice features. It is easy to adjust, the closed loop speed control is nice, the LED which light your cut are nice, and the dust collection is nice. We haven't tested every router because that would be expensive, but we will test as many as we can. If you have questions about a specific router, give us a shout in the forums.

What tools do I need to assemble my Maslow CNC?

A philips screwdriver, a hand saw, and a pair of pliers.

What kind of plug does Maslow use?

Maslow comes with a power supply which works from 100-240 volts, 50-60Hz. We will provide either a U.S. power cord or an E.U. power cord. If you live in a country which uses a different cord type you will need to buy a standard computer power cord for your country like the one shown in the picture below.

Last time we did this we promised to provide a cord for any plug type...never again :-)

How do I control Maslow from a computer?

Maslow comes with our Ground Control software which lets you move the machine to where you want to cut, see a digital readout of the machine's position in real time, and open and cut a file. Ground Control can run on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. Ground Control is multi-touch compatible so if you want to use a tablet as a touch interface to your machine, you can.

What kind of design files does the machine read?

Maslow uses G-code which means it works with hundreds of different programs which handle dozens of file types. The most common file types we use are .DXF (Autocad) and .SVG (Adobe Illustrator). Check out the website www.makercam.com to play around with cutting something out from a .SVG file.

What kind of end mill should I use?

That depends on the job at hand, but I've been enjoying using these 1/8th inch end mills for general cutting. They are cheap and well made.

Can I put a plasma cutter on my machine?

As an open source project, you have the right to do anything you want with the hardware in your kit, but please be careful.

Where will you ship Maslow?

Anywhere with an address! For the Regular Kit, domestic shipping will be $14 and International will be $70. For the Beta Tester Kit, domestic shipping will be $21 and International will be $110.

Will you mark my package as a "gift" so I don't have to pay customs?

No. That's illegal. We are doing our best to keep the cost and shipping cost of the machine as low as possible.

What will I have to purchase once my kit arrives?

You will need to buy two bricks, two sheets of 3/4 in plywood, and three 10' 2x4s. You will also need a fixed base router. We recommend the Ridgid R2200.

What kind of plug does Maslow come with?

You will have the choice of an EU or US plug. If you need a different plug you will need to buy a standard computer cord for your country. 

What’s the best way for me to get in touch with someone from the Maslow team?

The forums are the best way to ask us a general question because it's likely that someone else will get back to you before we do. If you need to contact us personally, info@maslowcnc.com is the best way.

Where did Tom from Makesmith go?

He got a job, but he's still involved. He's become somewhat of a Kickstarter expert since our last project, and he is advising us on how to run the campaign. He wasn't in the video this time, but he was standing on the other side of the camera laughing at all of our bloopers.