You are going to build amazing things.


Maslow is a community driven open source project with the goal of making large format CNC technology available to everyone. We believe in a world where people everywhere can collaborate, share, and build amazing things together.

What is the Maslow CNC Machine?

Maslow is a large (4'x8') CNC cutting machine designed to let you cut big, useful things out of wood and other flat materials. Cut out a tiny house, a kayak, a tree house, some furniture, or anything else you can imagine.  Maslow is designed to be affordable to buy, cheap to ship, easy to use, and powerful. Because designs can be shared digitally, you can build on the work of others or create your own from scratch. Here is a quick introduction video.


Our Story

Maslow was begun as an open source project with the goal of making CNC technology more accessible to everyone. We aim to provide the tools, community, ideas, resources, and inspiration for those interested in CNC technology to become more involved. In October & November of 2016, we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for our Maslow CNC Machine Kit. We raised $314,547 from 1279 backers, and that campaign was fulfilled in July of 2017. We were able to send out around 750 kits to people all around the world.

Since the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign, interest in Maslow CNC has remained high and we believe that making the hardware available is an important part of the cause to make CNC accessible. It seems like we are always playing catch up with the demand for hardware so orders placed in the store now will ship in June of 2018.  Maslow is an open source project, and we encourage you to check out our forums and GitHub pages for more information about how you can get involved in the Maslow community. Feel free to check out our store to see what's available now.

Our main goal is to promote accessibility to CNC technology. If you're interested in being kept in the loop about what's happening with the Maslow community, please sign up for our free newsletter by clicking here.

Thanks for checking us out! Please read below for more specific details about the Maslow CNC machine itself.



What are people making?

Maslow has an active and amazing community. Here are some of the things they have made and shared in our forums. All photos belong to the project creators so please ask before using them.


  • Work Space: 4' X 8' *
  • Encoder Resolution: 8148 steps/rev
  • Repeatability: +- 1/64th inch (.4 mm) or better (accuracy is calibration dependent...around 1mm of error on large parts is currently typical)
  • Max feed rate 40 inches/minute
  • AC Voltage: 110-250 volts
  • DC Voltage: 12 volts
  • Connection: USB
  • OS for Software: Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Size: H: 6' 8" W: 10' D: 1' 7"

*The work space is defined by the length of the two #25 roller chains so it can be easily enlarged or made smaller by adding or removing links from the chains.

How easy is it to use?

CNC can be intimidating so we've designed Maslow to be easy to use. We know there are a lot of you out there who have a CNC project in mind but the idea of using a CNC machine to make it real seems like a big step.

Maslow is meant to be a machine for everyone. Like any new tool, there are a couple things you will need to learn, but we'll be there for you in the community forums we've set up. You are going to build amazing things.

Check out the videos for a quick overview of what it's like to cut something out.


What is not included in the box?

You will need to buy two standard clay bricks, plywood and 10 foot 2x4s. Shipping a machine the size of Maslow could be tremendously expensive, so we had to think outside the box ;-). You will also need a standard wood router if you don't have one. We recommend the Ridgid R22002 or the AEG MF 1400 KE if you are based in the EU.

Photos and Media:

Images available under CC-BY

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