How To File an Issue or Request an Improvement

Filing issues is an important way for us to understand what needs to be fixed, share ideas for how the machine could be made better, and work together.

Issues are tracked through the website GitHub. You can find our GitHub page at .

Issues can be filed in one of our categories: the firmware, the software, the mechanical design, and the electronics.

To create a new issue, click the "Issues" tab from within any of these catigories as shown in the picture below.





Next, click the New issue button to create a new issue. It's worth looking at the issues which others have filed already. It may be that someone has the same problem or idea as you. If that's the case there is likely already a dialog going on about the idea.




Finally, give your issue a descriptive title and add as much information as you can. The more details you can provide, the easier it will be to solve your issue. Click the "Submit new issue" button when you are finished. Thank you for getting involved!